Belle Plaine Historical Museum

On-site during a recent installation or our walls at the Belle Plaine Historical Society.

We guarantee: Drive through Belle Plaine, Iowa in the fall and you’ll go back in time.

Scents of fresh cut grass and bar-b-que beg for your to roll your car windows down. You’ll pass unexpected sights straight out of old Andy Griffith episodes – like little kids riding bicycles downtown, old farmers gossiping at the local cafe, and carefully hung laundry air drying in the wind. Swaying, near-mature corn stalks in the distance lull you to the tranquility of a simpler era, even amid the chaos of 2018. Whatever was on your mind before gives way to listening to the wind blow, and wishing you knew who was doing the bar-b-quing!

It’s comforting that old values and simpler ways still exist in out-of-the-way places. Our country is dotted with these small towns across the great expanse of highways we travel. Like Belle Plaine, many of these places carefully preserve a very important thing we all have in common: American history. We are proud to work with small town museums and historical societies.

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We had the opportunity make a little day trip to this beautiful small town during a recent delivery. While there we got a fabulous sneak-peak at this gallery just off of the old Lincoln Highway. We invite you to take a look. It’s not easy to gather this historical information, form a committee to finance the preservation and housing of these artifacts, and then to finally obtain a building to create a museum. It’s interesting roadside tourism, to be sure – but more than that – it’s where real history is preserved.

We want to say… history museums love our walls. They like them because our walls allow them to build exhibits in places that won’t harm original architecture. They also like that they’ll have a ready-to-use wall in about an hour or so. Historical buildings often share the same architectural challenges, like random support poles that can’t be moved, low hanging soffits, or uneven flooring from long-settled foundations. Pareti’s walls easily work around these challenges. When set up, the walls create the illusion of real walls, and are ready to use intuitively – so there’s no special training involved, and no special tools required.

We work with solutions.

The museums’s concerns were common, but since Pareti treats each customer’s order as a custom project, working around specific obstacles is simple for us to do. It’s built within our process.

Knowing our walls reside in museums and galleries, or travel across the country as trade show displays makes us proud. Knowing small museums can afford our walls to display a bit of Americana is priceless. This was another good-feel for us, knowing our custom walls added more hanging space for the preservation of artifacts. In Belle Plaine’s case, the exhibits to come feature a new railway exhibit. Belle Blaine, a former train town, has a lot of history to share.

This floor also features the memories of small town heroes – some fallen, some still around to tell stories about the artifacts collected here. A Miss American finalist, Miss Iowa of 1967 Jeanne Formanek, became a local teacher, and tragically died in 1969. Her photos and tiaras are memorialized here. Henry Tippie, a former resident of Belle Plaine, has an exhibit offering guidelines for personal and professional dealings.

One of the museum’s most treasured items: a horse-drawn fire truck. It was hidden in a barn during the world war – spared from certain meltdown to create planes, shells, and other tools of war to fight the enemy. Most towns surrendered their copper water tanks, exposing them to the dangers of raging fires. For better or worse, Belle Plaine’s remained hidden, and is now one of the few in existence.



Pareti Mobile Walls has worked with many historical museums and historical societies to find affordable ways to add wall space. Our walls are a great solutions for historical societies who are in older buildings (often on historical registries) and cannot have the architecture changed. We offer a portable solution which has the appearance of real walls.

Ready to hang historical railroad artifacts and memorabilia!

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Nothing says ‘possibilities’ like a white, blank wall. Curators enjoy quickly creating display areas that are stable, nail-able, and simple to use. This additional space allowed the museum to bring even more artifacts out on display for all to see. Since both sides of the walls can be used (as well as end return walls) there’s a lot of hanging surface!

The lower height worked very well at this museum. Once in place, the walls were ready for hanging items and artifacts. Our portable walls also connect to each other universally, so if they decide they need additional walls, they can add sections over time.

As with Belle Plaine’s Historical Museum, some portable walls require custom heights. Pareti Mobile Walls can easily accommodate needs like that. Our walls should be 3″ shorter than your ceiling, soffit, or HVAC vents (or lighting). We can create custom heights below 8 feet at no extra charge. If you have odd architectural elements that can’t be moved, let us know. We’ll come up with some possible solutions for you.

Congratulations to the city of Belle Plaine for this fabulous Historical Museum. If you’re in the area, be sure to visit!

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