Ready, Set, Design!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a grid and walls to scale to simply (and visually) design the foot print of your exhibit without special software?

Free floor plan planner

Well – we have an easy solution – simply download our worksheet (PDF) and print it out! Our exhibit floor plan worksheet will help you determine how many walls you’ll need to fill your space.

Cut out the wall shapes on the first page, and use the grid on the second page for a fast and easy way to create your floor plan. The grid is to scale (one square = one square foot) so you can easily move things around to plan your space.

Click here for the download – and also be sure to check out our page on Designing for Safety, which offers some great general guidelines on creating your exhibits using Pareti Mobile Walls.

Pareti Mobile Walls Worksheet

Planning an exhibit floor plan doesn’t necessarily require special software. With our worksheet you can simply cut out and move around our wall sections to see what works best for your exhibit. This will help you determine what you’ll need, and maybe inspire a few new ideas in the process! Contact us for a quote at

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