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Pareti Mobile Walls offers a really easy way to reinvent and redesign escape rooms. You can completely change floor plans within a larger room, add on rooms and make adjustments to walls whenever you need. Plus, our walls can be painted, faux painted, textured, wall papered, have chair rails and other architectural elements added to them – which means you can really create a convincing themed room.

What’s an escape room you ask?

An escape room is a real-life mystery adventure game. Participants become “locked” in a room and must figure out how to solve a particular mystery in a specific amount of time using clues in the room. It’s a fun way to solve a puzzle with a group or with individuals. They’re also nice because they offer a real, hands-on experience, rather than a digital one!

With Pareti Mobile Walls you can completely alter your room’s actual floor plans to keep patrons coming back. You’re no longer limited to a specific room design, and you can easily add or take away walls to suit your imagination. For example, create a tiny room that looks like an elevator, and joins with a larger office-looking room. Plan clues to lead to a new rooms. Create a triage area and hospital room. Create a WWII spy room with a receptionist’s desk and adjoining office. Your ideas become unlimited with Pareti.

Our walls also accept vinyl graphics easily, so you can cover them paint them, or hang pictures on them – just like real walls.

Create real mystery with adult-size mazes! Change everything as often as you like – very quickly and easily.

Escape rooms for churches, schools and other public places are also a great idea, since they offer a mystery solving activity, but can be easily put up or taken down when shared spaces are used.

Contact us today to have us quote on a set of walls designed to be reconfigured time and time again for interesting, engaging and fun escape rooms!

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