If you need to hang items on portable walls, you’ll be glad to know many of our customers hang much more than artwork!

You can do more with our portable walls – like hang heavier things! Our portable walls allow you to hang items like small shelving, flat screen televisions, small cases and more. It’s easy with our intuitive system. Customers like Hero Design, the Czech & Slovak Museum & Library regularly hang items ranging from 30 lbs to 150lbs. Our simple system can be used throughout your museum or gallery area or office for artwork as well as other items. Read about our internal weight test here.

In fact, our portable walls are used for trade show exhibits to hang items on our portable walls that are too heavy to hang on regular trade swig displays. We offer more than just a room divider – our walls perform much like regular, permanent walls – but with the ability to put them away for later, or rearrange based on your set and configuration.

hang heavy items exhibit walls

Hero Design’s adult-sized “Lite Brite” system weighs over 150 lbs. per unit, and uses a French cleat system for hanging.

Our portable walls can be used as gallery walls, room dividers, in place of cubicles, or portable offices (we also offer wall sections with doors).

Because of their strength, our walls can hold many items – even heavier items. Mirage Appliances uses our portable walls for their trade show exhibit. With our portable walls, Mirage can hang not just one – but several portable air conditioning units, as well as signage. (read more about Mirage Appliance’s portable walls here.)

hang heavy items hang heavier items

We can also customize our wall sections to include additional studs, providing you with more area for screws or other hardware, such as French cleats or flat screen mounting hardware – for example. Otherwise, many of our customers use standard hardware like nails, screws, picture hangers as they would on permanent walls. In most instances, you can hang items on portable walls as you would real walls.

In a room full of exhibits using our portable walls, this exhibit features a mounted bear, and a case on an end return section. In another area of the exhibit, a case with shelving and artifacts were mounted as well. Panelling and a chair rail were also nailed to the wall to create more of a turn-of-the-century feel.

Ask us about placing additional studs within your walls for your heavy items

We can make hanging easier by placing additional studs within our walls. In some cases, you may need to place heavier items in places where our studs aren’t located. When you need more than a hanger hook, let us know. We can easily place additional studs within our walls, offering more grip area for screws or other hanging hardware.

VinylPlay, SoundXtra and Flexson were able to hang a turn table and heavy speakers on our walls using both our standard internal studs, as well as an additional stud built in place to receive longer screws for the turntable.

Pareti’s mobile walls were covered in an adhesive vinyl wrap for background graphics, then products were screwed into place directly on the display.

Various point of purchase displays, branded spaces, and trade show displays require heavy duty walls for displaying products. Our same walls are used for these applications as well as gallery walls.

Pareti’s mobile walls allows you to hang items on portable walls in groups, gallery montages, or individually. You’re not limited to one per panel, and hanging is done with normal picture hanging hardware – no wires from the top are necessary. Once your exhibit is over, simply patch nail holes as you’d patch a normal, permanent wall (but with less sanding required). You can also use normal interior house paint to paint the walls, as you would walls in your home – but much faster since there’s no trim to paint around. (Nice, right?!)

You’ll find Pareti Mobile Walls offers a great deal of flexibility when it comes to hanging your artifacts or artwork. That, and our simply set up is why it’s such an intuitive system to use. Many configurations can also be rearranged for other exhibit floor plans, so you can make your gallery perpetually fun to explore in terms of space, too. Our universal system also allows you to add sections on to create new and different floor plans. See how you can get creative with your exhibit space with our portable, strong, affordable exhibit walls! Call today at 866.339.1009 or email us at sales@paretimobilewalls.com.