Inventory Blow Out Sale

Save money on custom and standard wall sections during our Inventory Blow Out Sale going on September 2018!

We need the room, so we’re selling items at deep discounts!


At 50% Off or more, we expect these to go fast, so call us at
866-339-1009 (Option 1 for sales)
or email us at

If you’re thinking of adding to your collection of Pareti walls, or you’ve been waiting for a discount to order, now is the time to order! This inventory reduction special won’t last long.

These walls feature our same hand-crafted quality you’d expect from Pareti. The discounted selection includes a few standard sizes, as well as custom width walls. Some walls are bare, some primed, but all are in new or good condition. Connect with any standard 8 foot wall section. You paint, you save!

Order now and we’ll include the joiners at no charge – An additional $25 in savings per wall! Contact us for shipping and palletizing fees based on shipping to your location.

Most wall sections are bare, not primed, but nail holes filled and sanded, ready for priming.

Flat walls at over 50% Off, $149 each 

  • 36″ wide KTK Wall (recessed wall that connects directly to an existing wall stud) – sold
  • 31 1/4″ wide flat wall – sold
  • 37″ flat wall
  • 36 1/4″ flat wall sold
  • 48″ wide flat wall (primed and painted) sold
  • 24″ walls (may or may not be a KTK recessed wall which joins to an existing wall stud, but this style works with our regular wall systems too) 1 remaining in stock
  • 24″ wide wall, used

“L” Sections at over 50% Off, $203 each 

  • 24″ x 24″ “L” corner wall – sold

Custom “L” Sections at a 60% discount, $163 each 

  • 8″ x 24″ corner walls (7 in stock)

SOLD! 10 foot T section at 50% Off, $260 

  • 24″ x 24″ footprint, 10 feet tall (1 in stock) – sold

7 Foot tall walls

  • 48″ wide x 88″ tall flat wall
  • 24″ x 24″ x 84″  “T”

HURRY! This special sale won’t last long!