Your walls are made in the best state in the country – Iowa!

Iowa has ranked as the best state in the United States, according to U.S. News and World Report. All 50 states were examined and ranked in a number of categories, ranging from education, healthcare, infrastructure, quality of life, and more. The resulting overall score determines the best state – Iowa was not number one in all categories, but ranked highest overall.

But I have always thought Iowa’s culture goes deeper than these positive rankings. As a former St. Louis girl, I personally feel Iowa is America’s best kept secret.

From my perspective, our work ethic is like no other. Iowans are super creative, fiscally conservative, amazingly tautened, and quite particular about things. At Pareti, we see the great midwestern work ethic firsthand. I think this is because most of our employees have grown up on farms, and know how to work harder than most. It is not unusual to hear a staff member or vendor mention waking up at 4 a.m. to feed livestock or chickens before they clean up and come into work. The Iowa work ethic is not just about work – it’s about combining care, responsibility, and work – together.

This type of care and dedication is evident in each wall we build. Customers immediately notice the care and quality that goes into our walls. Our employees are concerned about each individual customer’s order. Every month we share stories about our customers, and everyone here loves to hear each customer’s story. We might fulfill our orders quickly, but each customer’s order is treated individually and with a personal touch. How you feel about our products matters a great deal to each one of us here. If you’re not happy, we don’t sleep well until we figure out how to make you happy.

That’s an Iowa thing!

Here’s U.S. News and World Report’s full article.