Ive been everywhere man

One day as I was rushing an order to Tennessee, as another driver was rushing an order to Ohio. Both orders needed portable walls faster than we could send via freight, so we loaded up two rental trailers, and each took to the road at 3:00 a.m., staying alert by calling each other every now and then as the rest of the world slept.

As I drove around a bend in Kentucky nearing the hotel I would stay in that night, this song by Johnny Cash popped on my Pandora station. It occurred to me these walls have racked up a lot of highway miles, as they’re presently all over the United States. “If the walls could speak,” I mused, “this is what they’d be singing.” So this video is about what the walls might be experiencing, if they were indeed aware.

It’s amazing what has happened in only a year. We’ve driven long distances, met great people, seen fabulous art, and experienced interesting places.

From selling to planning to building, each person at Pareti cares about our customers and what they will think about our products. We all obsess about the quality of our walls. That’s a great thing. You may not know it, but we’ve inspected each wall at close range looking for nail holes, checking to be sure the surface is smooth and ready for you to paint. We make sure things fit, and build as if we’re the customer, so you can use and enjoy these walls for a long time. If it’s not something we would want, it goes back for more work until it’s right.

So if you have a minute, treat yourself to a look at what the past year or so has brought about. While it’s a fast moving video, you’ll also see how the walls are set up and what some different galleries or displays look like when the walls are in use.


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