Kent State University - Portable gallery walls

Kent State University – Portable gallery walls – March 2016, Kent, Ohio

Kent State University has recently added a new gallery and art education area to its already-beautiful campus. Pareti Mobile Walls were selected to create an ever-changing floor plan which will add versatility and visual interest for years to come. The walls feature universally connecting ends, and may be reconfigured to create many different floor plans for exhibits. The walls may also be repainted with each use if needed.

The folks at Kent University, like all of our customers, were truly surprised at how simple and easy the set up is! We tell our customers the walls will take less time to set up than to bring in from the truck (or storage). With each delivery we see customer after customer delighted at set-up time that walls really does only take a few minutes to set up. They truly as simple and versatile to use as we say.

The quality construction of the walls is very apparent – and we’re happy  to hear that’s obvious to new customers also. Quality is very apparent as soon as you see and touch our products. That’s because our expert carpenters are seasoned furniture and cabinet builders. We take the same care in building your portable walls as we have when building kitchen cabinetry, or elegant, downtown restaurants. That’s the kind of work we do. That experience and know-how goes into each wall we build.

If you’re looking for an affordable solution for long lasting, gallery walls that are made in the USA, contact us for a quote.


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