Reinvent your museum walls, gallery space, exhibit areas, or office space by using portable walls.

Make the most of your museum walls  by rearranging Pareti Mobile Wall sections to create different exhibit areas. Turn a flat wall into two different exhibit areas to add visual interest.

Patrons want more to explore!

Imagine the surprise your museum patrons will have when they see a new floor plan with each new exhibit! Better than just placing new graphics on the same walls, Pareti Mobile Walls allows you to change your environment every day if you wish. Our walls set up quickly and easily, and with no construction mess.

Keep visitors coming back to an entirely new floor plan, fresh environment, new visuals and more to explore. Make the most of your creative vision for a fresh environment. Our museum walls can be painted over and over (just like real walls), or have adhesive vinyl or first-surface vinyl applied.

Pareti offers basic configurations designed to work for you. You’ll find a single museum wall can turn into a variety of exhibit shapes and sizes.

Experiment as you go, or carefully plan your space. With the Pareti Mobile Wall system you can build as you go. If you don’t like the particular exhibit layout you created, simply remove a section and change it around. It’s that simple!