World of Speed created a custom look with modular curved profile gallery walls.

Pareti Mobile Walls can help you create amazing looking modular curved profile walls for your exhibits that work with our regular system. The World of Speed Museum used creative design with graphics, and the actual 3D profile of our physical walls. The result? Detachable, interchangeable wall sections that work with our regular flat portable walls!

Looking for actual curved, arced, cylindrical, or circular walls? We make those too! Please contact us at for more information.

These custom ends are still portable – so World of Speed can move them around, paint them, or add graphics. The walls move easily with two people, and connect simply. The cured profile walls can also be screwed together at the top or wall facings to help with stability if needed. This is the beauty of using common building materials that are easy to work with.

Modular curved profile wallsGet custom looking, modular curved profile walls that are easy to use!

Simply slide our patent pending joiners into an already standing wall, join the curved end, and push. (Affix wood screws at the top joiner for added security, if needed.) When it’s time for a change, you simply unscrew the top joiner, pull apart the walls, and try a different look. It’s that easy.

The walls are interchangeable with our regular flat walls (but only on the flat side!). You can leave the curved sections off if you like, or replace them with our patent pending endcap to get a traditional wall look.

Imagine the creative fun you’ll have designing exhibit walls with shaped ends!

Like adult-sized building blocks

Paint them, wrap them in vinyl graphics, hang items on them, and change them around! You’re in complete control of how your exhibit looks, as well as its navigation.

Modular curved profile walls can be created for your portable walls

Use our standard ends, or talk to us about a custom shape you have in mind to see what’s possible. You can design a fully custom look, and redesign with a truly modular system. If you have a custom profile you’d like to try out, contact us at Custom ends may be either painted or have vinyl wrap applied.

Finally, be sure to take a look at this incredible museum!

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Modular curved profile walls

Now showing at the World of Speed! April 2017

Modular curved profile walls

Modular curved profile walls for the World of Speed Museum