Why build when you can move walls like furniture?

Most people think of walls as staying in one place for a lifetime or longer. But in some cases, such as leased commercial office spaces, moving walls (vs tearing them out and rebuilding) can save a fortune each time you change your floor plan. This is also true for places like art galleries and museums, or other places with temporary exhibits – setting up our portable walls means you can set up, rearrange, and hang items on our walls easily.

We think people should be able to move walls like furniture. And simply without a lot of tiny parts and tools –  like adult sized building blocks.

Customize your walls to build almost anything, regardless of the space.

Build in front of windows, or in odd places without a problem. Our portable walls can be made to a custom height (our standard heigh is 8 feet). We also offer unique profiles, such as curved walls and angled walls.

With our portable walls there are no construction messes, noise, delayed timelines, or the waste created from remodel projects. There’s no need to waste time and money on construction costs. If you only rearrange your portable walls one time, you’ve saved money on tear-out and rebuilding.

Our portable walls were designed to very simple to use, made in the USA by expert craftsman, and constructed of US-made materials. They’re also biodegradable. Our portable walls don’t contain toxic things like styrofoam or plastics. They’re built with quality in mind, and will last you a very long time.

Get creative with space!

Check out our to see how it works.