The National Civil Rights Museum purchased Pareti’s portable exhibit walls for their exhibit “Kin Killing Kin”

portable exhibit walls

Paret Mobile Walls set-up in progress.

affordable mobile gallery walls that last

The completed gallery with Pareti walls painted to match the existing gallery walls. (For consideration of the artist and exhibit, we Photoshopped out the artwork.) The hourglass in the foreground is a fabulous stand-alone exhibit created by Quinn Argall at the Civil Rights Museum. It drops bullet casings for lives lost every hour, demonstrating the ongoing, ever-present tragedy of black on black crime.

Exhibit walls configured to create drama

In 2016 the National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee purchased Pareti Mobile Walls for a compelling exhibit entitled “Kin Killing Kin”. The exhibit will be open until April 29th, and features moving artwork by James Pate, from a collection owned by Arthur Primas. For the exhibit, the walls were left bare (in their natural, brown paper bag portable exhibit wallscolor) to compliment and showcase the drawings.

Pareti’s portable exhibit walls can be set up in a variety of configurations, simply by using a few of our section styles. In this case, the museum wanted large “L” formations to create angled viewing areas. Curators and exhibit designers simply began with our corner “L” shaped end, and added 4-foot wall sections to achieve a 14-foot length on each side. Our standard portable walls are 8 feet tall – making them the perfect size for most exhibits.

portable exhibit wallsWe tell our customers it’s best to first layout a floor plan using masking tape. This method will ensure your lines are straight, measurements are accurate. Simply place the walls over the tape. Tape can easily be removed from  beneath the walls.

Changing the walls to fit exhibit themes

Portable exhibit walls are an important tool for creating exhibits at museums like the National Civil Rights Museum. With our museum walls, the museum can more easily engage patrons with an immersion experience, and using the same walls to recreate scenario after scenario as exhibits change.

Pareti Mobile Walls can be easily moved, repainted, faux painted, or be decorated with architectural elements like bead board, quarter round and floor boards, or crown moldings, to help create a realistic, period environment. The museum painted the walls white to match the other walls in the gallery, and to coordinate with the black and white palette used in James Pate’s drawings.

Since our portable exhibit walls fit universally to each other, museums can add walls in the future to create entire rooms. Even mazes can be created with the walls, as well as niche areas for special exhibits or events.

Learn more about the National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel here.

portable exhibit walls

The National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel preserved the area where Martin Luther King was assassinated April 4, 1968. Opened in 1991, they feature compelling exhibits. A must-see in the Memphis area!

portable exhibit walls

Artwork by James Pate



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