Let Our Outdoor Restaurant Walls do Your Social Distancing Work

Our outdoor restaurant walls were developed so you can run your restuarant and let the walls take care of keeping patrons safely socially distant. Can walls do that? Yes they can – here’s how:

First, people pay attention to walls. We’ve just seen lots of flimsy barricades moved around at will. But when it comes to a wall, people seem to assume they can’t (or shouldn’t?) be moved.

Our rugged restaurant walls are designed to  be used outdoors or indoors. We designed them to help you keep patrons socially distanced. You may even be able to increase  the number of patrons you can serve, because they can be used outdoors as well as indoors. (Exterior walls will require exterior paint or vinyl wrap, versus indoor paint.)

With tables set outside, and customers distanced inside, our walls can help you take your restaurant or cafe to the streets and beyond. In fact, you may find the boundaries of your restaurant too limiting! With outdoor walls, you can take your restuarant almost anywhere – while maintaining the feel of your brick and mortar location.

Our walls are more than a simple screen. In addition to social distancing, our outdoor restuarant walls can help you maintain the look and feel of your indoor establishment. That means serving patrons seated at a sidewalk table can still enjoy your brand. Patrons will enjoy the open air. Your restaurant will also benefit from added square footage of an outdoor seating area. Create ambiance outside, in spite of the seating limitations from COVID-19.

You can use outdoor restaurant walls as your own personal billboard

Add graphics or a vinyl wrap to advertise your restaurant to those who pass by. Our rugged flat panels are great for graphics. Adhere posters, menus, and more to let people know you’re open for business.

Stylize the walls with your restaurant’s colors and logo

Our outdoor restaurant walls are easily decorated to match your theme. There’s no need to sacrifice your restaurant’s identity. Just like real walls, our outdoor covid walls can be painted with regular house paint. Your exterior can be painted to match your restaurant’s signature colors. You can also apply vinyl graphics to make your logo easily seen. (Ask us about vinyl graphics services – we can get your restaurant walls ready to use straight out of the box!).

Our outdoor restaurant walls can help you increase your capacity

Based on your local city or state’s guidelines, with the proper height of sneeze guard or covid barricade walls, you may be able to increase your restaurant’s capacity. Our exterior restaurant walls can work indoors or out, helping you to keep patrons distanced. The outdoor wall sections can be devoted to separate parties or tables as you see fit. Unlike acrylic sneeze guards, once our restaurant walls are connected they’re very difficult to move, which helps ensure compliance.

Sizes and specifics

Our walls are 4 inches thick and stand at 6 feet tall. They feel like real walls, but connect together easily – and at the 6 foot height individual sections are easy to move. Once connected the restaurant walls are pracitcally immovable.

There are numerous configurations available.

What the CDC recommends

The CDC’s guidelines offer guiding principles to keep in mind for creating as safe environment as possible in your restaurant. Currently, the CDC says the more people interact, and the longer the time they interact, the chance of spreading COVID-10 increases. With that in mind, guidelines range from lowest risk (drive-through, delivery, take out, and curbside pickup) to higher risks such as indoor and outdoor seating with tables spaced a minimum of 6 feet apart.

Focus on serving your customers – not on checking how spaced apart they are.

Our outdoor restaurant walls can help you prevent the spread of COVID-19 by creating the recommended social distancing span of 6 feet – and keeping that distance defined. As you know, in many cases it’s difficult to police this as you serve patrons. Our walls are virtually immovable once installed, so you’ll have an easier time being sure patrons are adequately spaced apart, without having to remind customers to stay spaced apart.

Design virtually limitless outdoor restaurant walls configurations

With our outdoor restaurant walls you can create virtually any kind of configuration. We can help guide you to help you determine what works best for your amount of available space. With our walls you can create dining areas on sidewalks, parking lots, and other spaces. The walls may be removed simply by unscrewing the joinery at top, so they do not need to be a permanent installation.

Contact us for more information! Call 866-339-1009, or email us at sales@paretimobilewalls.com. We can send you a price list and brochure to get you started.

We also offer lightweight decorative COVID screens and sneeze guards

If you’re looking for more of a clear, lightweight divider, check out our Decorative COVID screens information page. These can be used on desktops, counters, or as room dividers. They’re backed with clear vinyl to help encourage social distancing, and feature wood painted to resemble a wrought iron look. The modern, geometric designs make social distancing look great.

Divide and Conquer covid!

Create social distance with a sturdier, more permanent feel with our shorter portable walls. They’re made the same way as our standard portable walls, but can create immovable configurations for a super stable floor plan.