Our guarantee

Can you have fun with walls? We think so! That’s why we work hard to provide the best quality possible products to you.

Pareti warrants against all manufacturing defects. We’d like you to know we stand behind our products, and we want you to be happy every time you use them.

Pareti Guarantee QualityWe take the time to hand-build our quality products, then we provide rigorous quality checking at each step. Then after the sale, we offer supportive customer service to be sure you’re happy. If we miss something we want to know so we can make it right – for you and future customers.

With proper care our walls should last for years. We are committed to manufacturing superior quality products that are built to last. Everyone here cares about every project we build and ship – it’s a very personal, individual contribution. In fact, our bi-weekly meetings begin with photos sent in by customers. Everyone wants to see the work we do displayed, and we’re all delighted about happy customers who appreciate our work. To us, our walls are our art.

We work hard to meet critical deadlines, and do everything possible to please our customers. We’re also extremely picky – a trait that helps us do what we do best.

But the steps to make those walls are conducted carefully, from design, to inspecting raw materials, to cutting, building, and final finishing. Each order is tested in its suggested configuration, and stamped with approval with our logo. If our walls don’t impress us, our products don’t leave the building. Even our packing is done with the utmost care.

Pareti Mobile Walls quality guarantee