Ahhh – the political season is upon us, with tiring ads and long, heated debates on social media for the next year or so. Regardless of your political choice, one thing is sure: when it comes to our portable gallery walls made in the USA, we’re super grateful to be able to develop an idea, embrace a vision, and offer our products right here in the USA!

made in iowaIt’s important to remember that in other countries it is simply not this easy (or in some casts not even possible) to build on an invention and begin selling a product. This is a truly American thing to do, and so ingrained in our thinking we don’t consider it’s anything unusual. Other people around the globe may dream about it, but only in the USA do we have the means, opportunity, and potential customers to consider new ideas. We are a country of inventors, doers and problem-solvers.

storageAside from offering products made in the USA, our company possesses uniquely midwestern and small-town values. Iowa’s rolling hills stretch into miles of neat rows of corn in the summertime, farm after farm. Small town people, it seems, perhaps thanks to the farms and livestock they tend, have a strong sense of accountability and a job well-done. This too is ingrained in our culture and work ethic. You can see it in our finely crafted products.

In our very early days, one business neighbor offered to fork lift a 1200 pound crate two whole blocks away, down to his dock so we could ship a load. We tried to pay him. Tried to offer him donuts, but he’d have neither. Shaking his head, he said he was “just paying it forward”, recounting his own good fortune. He said he wanted to help others do the same.

Many will chip in and help if we ask, because small town people are cool that way. And always, people just stop in to see how we’re doing.

setup testing portable wallsOurs is a family business too, with folks swarming in to help get large orders packed, or to simply sip coffee and chat a bit.

While also paying attention to the things that mean most in life, we midwesterners are known for our great work ethic. I think that’s because we’ve grown up with accountability. After all, here we’re either related, distantly related, or know someone who’s related. If you so much as buy a newspaper at the corner Casey’s somebody knows about it. A lifetime of that kind of living builds the desire to have a good reputation for its own sake. You simply get used to doing a good job. That shows in good customer service, honest dealings, and great workmanship.

Portable Gallery Walls Made in the USA

We go the extra mile for our customers so deadlines are met and our products wildly exceed their expectations – and we hear this all of the time from our customers. A job well-done is a reward in itself. We want to be a part of our customers’ continued success, and work hard to help them however we can.

So while the political bickering is going on, and newscasts drone on about candidates, we hope you take some moments to appreciate what Made in the USA really means:  day-to-day dealings with quality people who have the opportunity to spread the word about some great ideas.


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