LaPoint Krebs Museum Pascagoula MS 3

Pareti Mobile Walls being set up at the La Pointe-Krebs museum. We started with an empty room and taped-off areas on the floor for each wall, T-end, and corner sections.

Portable museum walls – La Pointe-Krebs House in Pascagoula, Mississippi.

We just completed fabrication, delivery and training for the La Pointe-Krebs House in Pascagoula, Mississippi. This wonderful restoration project is well underway. It will feature a wealth of Native American, Spanish, French, English and German history from this time-worn, natural port in the southernmost part of Mississippi. This area began as a port and trading post, perhaps even centuries ago. There is still much to be discovered in this culturally rich area. One of the best parts of our jobs is enjoying the opportunity to visit such interesting places, and to get to know the people whose passion it is to make history known to others.

Pareti Mobile Walls was glad to be a part of this process! Our walls will provide flexible design options and creativity to those involved in exhibit design. It’s amazing how structures and floor plans play an important part in the story telling that goes with well-designed exhibits. Furthermore, our walls will save the museum money in the future, each time the walls are rearranged for new floor plans. With our walls there’s no construction mess, no tear-out, no dust, and no construction expense. Best of all our walls can be assembled by only two people, with no prior building experience. This is the real beauty of portable museum walls. They take the difficulty and expertise completely out of building, and leave only creative possibilities.

Everyone is amazed at how easy and simple are walls are to use!

The incredible thing about our portable walls is that our clients begin with an empty room and end up with an awesome exhibit space.

Most curators will create a floor plan, then tape off the wall areas on the floor. Our walls are simply set into place, slide together and are leveled.

La Point Krebs House Pascagoula, MSEven though most of our customers view our video first, the ease of our product’s installation doesn’t really hit home until we deliver the walls. Every single  time our training session turns into a full-blown installation because everyone is having so much fun seeing the exhibit space come to life before their eyes!

Get your creative juices going!

It’s been our experience that assembling the walls spurs more creativity in whomever puts them together. It’s very easy to see how the walls can be changed, moved, connected to other sections (such as a “T” or “L” section) to create rooms, nooks, hallways and more. This ends up inspiring everyone for the next exhibit space!

LaPoint Krebs Museum Pascagoula MS 1

The new exhibit coming to life, as corridors and vignette areas are joined together using our patented joinery system.

LaPoint Krebs Museum Pascagoula MS 4

A complete transformation is underway! Once just an empty room, the portable walls soon create exhibit entrance and exit areas.


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