Portable Walls – Looking fabulous in Traverse City

Pareti’s portable walls were recently installed at the Crooked Tree Arts Center, located in Traverse City, Michigan. The portable walls will be used for exhibits and room dividers for classes and art events.

Measuring 7 feet high (our standard height is 8′) the portable walls consists of five 4 foot sections and our “T” end, to create 12 foot and 14 foot walls. The “T” ends provide stability, but they also offer a way to get creative with new floor plan shapes and walls. So Crooked Tree can create truly unique spaces with every exhibit.

portable walls temporary walls museums 1

Since the “T” ends are 2 feet wide, they’re perfect for creating a mini entry way to an exhibit. Since the portable walls are smooth, they accept vinyl graphics very well.

portable walls temporary walls museums 2


Our portable walls can be painted or have graphics applied – just like real walls. The outer skin of our mobile walls are made of MDF, so the finish is extremely smooth, making it easier to apply graphics.

portable walls temporary walls museums 3


Crooked Tree Arts Center has been around for over 60 years. This new home is their first physical location. (Be sure to check out their web page for events here). Since the center offers exhibits, art lessons, concerts and other creative events, Pareti’s portable walls are a perfect solution. Our walls allow Crooked Tree to create new spaces within their area depending on the event.

The portable walls can be stored for later use. Some customers create a mini room with the walls, and store the rest within that temporary room. There are so many options!

sm Pareti Mobile Walls Crooked Tree Arts Center6