Crooked Tree Arts Center


Crooked Tree Art Center needed two things: a way to divide space for classes, and something to display artwork for their gallery. Pareti Mobile Walls solved this problem affordably. Our walls also allow the gallery to get really creative with space and wall color.

Crooked Tree Arts Center serves as an artistic community center, as well as a major art attraction and studio – so flexibility and versatility are key.

As quality gallery wall builders, we have the unique opportunity to learn about amazing communities which not only brim with talent, but attract talent as well. Traverse City, Michigan is one of those locations. A magnet for children of the stars, this community center provides art lessons to the kids of the rich and famous. They also host a competitive art competition with submissions from all over the country.



Pareti makes gallery walls simple. Nail items where you need them, fill the nail holes, and paint – similar to real walls.

Measuring 7 feet high (our standard height is 8′) Crooked Tree’s collection consists of 4 foot sections and “T”- shaped ends, which can be arranged to create free standing walls, or walls which connect to create partial room-like spaces. This allows  Crooked Tree to create truly unique spaces with every exhibit.



portable walls temporary walls museums 2 




Gallery spaces

Teaching spaces

Kid-friendly spaces

Reinvent, display, repeat.

Pareti’s mobile gallery walls can be painted or have graphics applied – just like real walls. The outer skin of our mobile walls is extremely smooth, making it easier to apply graphics.

Be sure to check out Crooked Tree’s event page for more information here. The center offers exhibits, art lessons, concerts and other creative events. Our mobile walls help them to continually reinvent their space.