Save money with portable walls

Save money with our portable walls by eliminating the need to be rebuild exhibit space time after time. Pareti Mobile Walls don’t require builders or construction know-how. Simply pull them apart and reconfigure a new design when you’re ready. No construction crew is necessary, no construction noise, and no dust or construction mess to clean up. Most importantly, with our portable walls are ready when you are. There’s no waiting, no construction timelines,  no delays.

Save money with our portable walls

Save money with portable walls by having a versatile, reusable exhibit system. Here’s a nearly-complete “T” section from the top. The “T” section connects 3 panels.

What do our portable walls look like?

Aside from tiny seams between each wall, our portable museum walls look and feel like real walls. They slide together easily, come apart easily, and may be continually used or stored when not in use. They are simple, look great, and easy to use.

One set of our mobile museum walls can help you do many things, with only two people to set them up. Now you have the freedom to:

  • Create exhibits that look great and save money with portable walls
  • Create new, interesting floor plans you create, as well as interesting niche areas
  • Make the most of a center of a room or lobby by creating free standing exhibits
  • Divide spaces into rooms
  • Create privacy areas
  • Create admission window areas, hallways and manage traffic flow

Save money with portable walls, and enjoy unlimited design potential

Creating an awesome exhibit is what you do best. Our portable walls are designed to allow exhibit designers to use their imagination. How do you save money with our portable walls? There’s no need to manage construction projects, locate or pay for contractors, or push to meet deadlines. Our modular, portable walls create numerous configurations so you can create spaces unique to your exhibit as often as you like, as fast as you like.

Get creative! Change your floor plan by moving around your portable wall system.

Want to change your floor plan every day? You can with Pareti Mobile Walls. Our portable walls save money and time, so you can keep your museum and exhibits fresh – providing a new experience for visitors.