Samplize uses our our heavy duty trade show displays to promote their paint swatch samples.

How does Samplize use our heavy duty trade show walls?

Samplize needed a way to display and demonstrate their product quickly, within budget, and offer a flexible design. They also needed display walls that were strong enough to hang a large flat screen television. Our portable walls were a perfect fit!

Our portable trade show walls offer great flexibility. They can be rearranged to fit many different booth sizes. Wall sections used for a 20 foot inline display can easily condense down to fit a 10 foot booth, or be rearranged to work with an island display area. All pieces of our standard size walls are universal, so the designs are limitless. Let us know if you have certain requirements for your shows. We can help your company look great!

The people at Samplize also liked the texture of our walls, because they look and feel like real walls. This makes demonstrating their products truly effective. To freshen up or resign their display, the folks at Samplize may also easily paint the walls with regular indoor house paint, or have graphics applied.

Our trade show walls can feature amazing graphics, just like pop up or lightweight displays. The difference, however, is that our patent pending display walls can hold a great deal of weight.

They’re perfect for displaying heavy products, fastening television monitors, or hanging up products to create a retail feel right at the trade show.


What isSamplize?

Samplize is a Nashville-based company which creates accurate paint color samples on large, pre-painted color decals you stick to a wall. Paint manufacturers (even high quality ones) generally don’t use actual paint on their samples. Their swatches are simply too small for most of us to visualize a color in an entire room. Samplize helps interior design-challenged people like me make intelligent decisions about paint – and they work with the best paint brands
If you’ve remodeled you know there are only a few ways to check a paint color out:

  • Paint the room, despise the color mid-way, then take a nap because you’re so completely frustrated (my most common strategy)
  • Rather than paint the whole room, order a quart of paint, then paint a big annoying streak of color to check it out, only to hate it and find out you must cover it later with Kilz to paint over it. (Note: this technique often requires wine, then a nap.)
  • Or, order a Samplize decal, apply it to a wall, and see if you like it. It’s like speed dating for room colors. No race into a commitment, no damage done, no clean up, and no regrets later.

How does it work?

You simply go to their web site and order samples.  Then peel and apply the paint sample to a wall you want to paint.