covid vaccination pods

Turn any open space into a vaccination area

Our mobile system makes it possible to turn any covered space into a clinic or vaccination area.

  • atriums
  • entry areas
  • malls
  • schools
  • unused office spaces
  • gymnasiums
  • hospital entry areas

Easily customize spaces by adding more pod areas.

  • control the number of vaccination pods you need
  • control the size of rooms or pod areas
  • add receptionist areas
  • easily create locking offices
  • create locking storage areas
  • all walls support items you’d commonly hang on walls, such as signs, smaller medical equipment, light shelving and more.

Create instant COVID vaccination pods with Pareti’s portable walls

Pareti’s portable walls can help create vaccination pods for creating vaccination areas in just about any location.

Set up is extremely simple and fast. Our system is modular, so you can create a limitless variety of spaces as you need, such as:

  • vaccination areas
  • clinic areas
  • triage rooms
  • receptionist areas
  • walls with open window areas
  • and lockable rooms

Unlike many pop-up systems, Pareti’s covid vaccination pods feature hard walls allow you to hang items like

  • hand santizing stations
  • first aid products
  • flat screen TVs
  • Posters and framed art or signs
  • Various medical equipment like blood pressure cuff holders or other items.

Handmade with care in the USA

Design to suit your needs.

We can help you design the most cost-effective solution to meet your needs.

Choose the pods you need to fit your space and budget. Vaccination pods and offices arrive palletized and ready for assembly.

Best of all, our system is extremely simple to use. There are no complicated parts or methods to assemble. Our customers are located around the USA & Canada, and all have used our 3-minute installation video or printable instructions for assembly.

 It’s really that simple.

Our system was designed to make building easy enough for your own maitenance crew to assemble. Assemblers should be able to

  • comfortably lift 50 lbs.
  • know how to operate a drill, 9/16″ wrench, level, and ladder

Expand your system by adding more mobile walls sections. Repurpose the walls as gallery walls, offices, or donate them to local museums for exhibit walls.




Use doors or curtains if privacy is needed

Vaccintation pods may not require doors or curtains. Optional items like these can be easily added.

Our walls use ordinary house paint, so we can match the paint color you’re using in your clinic or hospital – or you can go with plain white.


Go from this…


to this – FAST!


Check out the video below!

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