Get a Free Custom Cut-Out with Your Order

Good for September only, we’re offering a fun, free custom cut-out word (of your choice) with your order of portable walls or pedestals.

custom wood cutting

It’s not distressed copper – it’s faux painted, custom-cut wood from our shop! Free for September, you can order your word or shape and have fun adding something special to your exhibit or portable walls!

What can be custom cut from wood?

  • Your last name
  • Your museum, college, university or company name
  • Most logos
  • Various shapes

We can help with artwork!

Spell it out for us! We can provide the artwork and show you what it will look like before we cut. We have a wide variety of fonts, or you can submit your word or graphic for cutting. (Please note that not all graphics are suitable for wood cutting, so be sure to submit your idea first so we can advise.)

What kind of wood?

We cut from a composite hardwood or MDF, which is 1/4″ thick. This is an awesome material, and very easy to paint or apply faux effects to, such as metal, distressed looks, leather, air brushed effects and more!

What’s included in the September Special?

  • To qualify you must purchase at least one wall section, or one pedestal
  • All letters or shapes with this free offer must fit within a 48″ x 20″ area
  • Letters or shapes are shipped unfinished, but ready for priming or painting

If you’re not artistic, we can help with special finishes:

  • $20 – we can paint your word or shape a flat color of your choice
  • $40 – we can apply a special effect: metallic, distressed metal, distressed copper, or marble

Other effects such as air brushed effects, glowing edges, leather-look or full painted scenes are also available, but must be quoted individually based on complexity.

How do I hang them?

Your custom cut piece may be nailed to our portable walls or a permanent wall, or you can mount them onto small wood or foam core blocks before hanging them, to provide an added dimension. In the “KYLE” example at top, you can see that nails were placed beneath the “K” and near the top on the “E”, so it’s not necessary to nail into the sign.

Also, most shapes are rigid enough to extend over or above the actual wall, provided they’re adequately mounted.

horney toad logo cut in wood

We cut out this custom logo for Horny Toad & Co, which they used to hang on their trade show display.

cnc custom cutting

We’ll cut your custom word, phrase or logo out with our CNC and ship it with your walls or pedestal order.

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