Our heavy duty displays can change the way you exhibit at trade shows. Many companies find their products are too heavy for portable trade show displays. That’s because most trade show displays are designed to be very lightweight and easy to carry – a fabulous feature, unless you need to display heavier products! If your heavier products need to be seen and experienced to generate sales at trade shows, then you need a robust display. Read more to discover how our heavy duty displays helped Mirage Appliances with their challenge to display their innovative air conditioning products.

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Mirage Appliances manufactures ductless mini split air conditioners and needed to display them at trade shows. These air conditioning systems are reliable, versatile and easier to install than traditional HVAC systems – but their particular design is an entirely new concept for US buyers. This meant a hands-on approach for buyers at trade shows was critical to not only fully experience the products, but differentiate them from the competition. Mirage Appliances found buyers needed to actually see, touch, and experience their products firsthand – and that meant finding a trade show display that could easily handle heavier items, and be easy enough for trade show staff to set up.

Pareti Mobile Walls offers a perfect solution for companies like Mirage Appliances who need to show heavier products. They created both a showroom and demonstration area with real products placed directly on the walls.

Go from a 10 foot booth to a 20 foot easily.

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Our heavy duty displays can also be changed very easily. You can change both the floor plan and the wall color (paint with ordinary house paint). For example, Mirage Appliances’ 20 foot booth also condenses to a 10 foot booth simply by removing wall sections, so the same booth can be used for different trade shows and booth areas.

Our heavy duty displays are robust enough to handle larger items. They’re also very simple to put together and maintain. We offer pre-painted walls, or bare and ready-to-prime/paint walls.

Mirage Appliances can hang graphics or products almost anywhere. Heavier items can be screwed into studs within the walls if necessary. Wall colors were painted on with common house paint, and vinyl graphics (the brick pattern and ivy) were placed on the outside of the wall to create a simulated outdoor demonstration.

Does your company need to display heavier items? Contact us to find out how our walls can help at sales@paretimobilewalls.com.


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