How much does a trade show display cost?

How much do our custom trade show booths cost?

build your own custom trade show display booth diy

A standard 10 foot trade show booth is priced below $2,000.

Isn’t it funny that we expect things to be complicated? Well, this system is not. It’s easy and fast, and simple to maintain.

Our portable trade show walls are interchangeable, so if you want to add to the booth or change the floor plan, you can do so VERY easily. You can alter your display for 10 foot, 20 foot, inline, or island display areas, simply by joining the walls together as you want.


If you’re new to custom displays, you’ll need to include shipping and crating to your trade show budget:

  • Shipping your custom booth to trade shows (per show)
    Shipping to trade shows must be sent “guaranteed delivery” due to the timely nature of trade shows. This adds more to your shipping costs, and will vary greatly based on your location and the show’s location. Shipping can run anywhere from $300 – $1900 based upon your location and show, so it’s important to get a shipping estimate from us as soon as possible. (Estimates are free and fast, so take advantage of that!)
  • Crate for shipping (a one-time thing)
    A crate is required to ship your custom trade show booth. Our heavy duty trade show booths arrive with a rugged, reusable crate, and plenty of packing materials. With a 10′ booth, the crate offers ample room for other trade show items you plan on shipping, such as chairs and product. (We provide a diagram of the crate so you can plan what to fit in the remaining space.) These are no ordinary crates, by the way. They’re built by finicky finish carpenters with a slight penchant for perfection. They’re designed to be opened with wood screws, and placed back together the same way.

custom trade show display DIYSave lots of money compared to carpenter-built, custom displays

On-site carpentry and union fees are extremely expensive. Once brought to your booth area, our 10 foot display can be set up in about 5 minutes. Plus, since our custom walls require no carpentry (or very little if you choose to secure top joiners with a wood screw) you won’t have carpenters working for hours to set up a rugged display.

That means you can create office areas at your trade show, or entire areas of graphics. And, with a proper floor plan, you can hang heavier items directly on our walls to show product, use a flat screen monitor, and more.

Here are two things that will help you learn more about our wall system:

Check out our article on Designing for Safety

Download our free, downloadable PDF to print out the profiles of our walls sections and a to-scale floor plan to play around with. (Did we say play? Yes. These walls are like adult-sized building sections. It’s about time you have some fun.)

DIY custom display booth no hammer

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