Mobile, Temporary Walls


Our mobile, temporary walls are a great reusable resource for curators looking for sturdy walls which can be painted and reconfigured again and again.


Create free standing, tall walls, curved walls, corridors and intimate spaces without the construction mess, expense and tear-down that comes from using dry wall for every show. Using our temporary walls, curators can design exhibits to specifications, or create custom designs for special events, and simply reuse the system in a different configuration for a different exhibit.

Our mobile, temporary walls system, walls look like the real thing. Seams are minimal and don’t require taping and sanding. Walls can be painted and can bear weight, such as hanging artwork – even large framed work and multiple frame with glass work – yet they can also be reconfigured or broken down, and stored until needed again.

Our walls use a unique tabbed system which links the walls together. A ladder, tape measure (if following a floor plan) level and power drill are required for assembly. Assembly requires two people.

Various sections include “T” ends, straight ends, and curves. Walls may be configured to graceful curves to guide traffic flow, or curved rooms may also be made (measuring about 24′ x 24′). There are countless configurations!

Designed by an artist for art museums, these temporary walls are great for exhibits, and construction sites alike, where heavier, yet temporary walls are needed to block noise, construction dust and keep air temperatures controlled.

Units can stand up to 11 feet high.

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Click here to read about our temporary walls at the Czech & Slovak Museum & Library installation this past summer!

Our temporary walls were used in the recent Alphonse Mucha exhibit featured at the Czech & Slovak Museum & Library in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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