The new, easy way to set up lightweight,  portable, museum walls for your exhibit or facility!

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If your museum or facility builds, tears out and rebuilds constantly, consider using our portable walls instead. Compared to traditional construction you’ll save time and money each time you tear down and reuse the walls, plus you’ll save yourself weeks of mess and noise.

Pareti’s Mobile Walls are rugged, yet are light enough that each panel can be moved by two strong people. Our portable, moveable, temporary walls create an even, smooth surface that’s great for painting, repainting or even applying graphics.

 Lightweight, portable museum walls

What makes our portable walls different?

Customers are amazed by two things: the speed at which the walls go up, and the simplicity of our patent pending system.

Curators who have always used construction services to build exhibits are stunned by how quickly their floor plan is literally created right before them. Our walls provide the flexibility to rethink the original floor plan if necessary, and reconfigure as the walls are going up. The opportunity to change your mind during or after construction was unthinkable before. Now it’s just a matter of minutes.

Be creative with our portable, moveable, temporary walls!

Build and design like never before! Our walls are a lot like adult-sized building blocks! You can redesign and set the walls up into an  ”L-shaped” exhibit area, create a mini exhibit areas in the center of the room which can be walked around, build longer right-angled corners for traffic flow, or create exhibit entryways to help prevent viewing the exhibit until payment is collected. There are nearly limitless ideas!


Our walls are designed to accept graphics well. The flat surface area allows you to place graphics, take them off and repaint the walls. (In some cases sanding may be necessary if removing vinyl lettering peels paint away). This gives you the freedom to place graphics or vinyl lettering to the walls. We’ve seen exhibits paint the walls, match the paint color with vinyl graphics, then add the graphics, creating a stunning look.

Lightweight, portable museum walls are sturdy, and feel like real walls.

What sizes are the walls?

While we can customize shorter or curved panels, walls currently come in 4 basic sizes:

  • 24″ x 8′
  • 48″ x 8′
  • 24″ x 24″ Corner
  • 24″ x 24″ “Tee”

These shapes result in a huge number of possible configurations, and are great for most exhibits, partitions or room-like display areas.

The simple measurements also make floor plans much easier to make, as well as measuring the exhibit area for set up. 48″ x 8′ panels weigh about 90 lbs. Corner and Tee sections are also around 90 lbs. Two strong people are needed to move the walls into place, and slide them together using our patent pending connecting system.

Create a labyrinth of exhibit area!

Our lightweight, portable museum walls allow you to create focus areas, special highlighted rooms, media exhibit areas and pathways to direct traffic. Paint, display and create, and offer more interesting areas to your visitors than ever before, and for a lower cost than traditional construction.

What do the walls look like?

The walls look like ordinary walls without a deep textured finish. When painted they have the same texture as any flat surface which has been painted by a paint roller. We can provide painted walls or you can save money by ordering them unpainted, and prime & paint yourself.

Special Exhibits

Our lightweight, portable museum walls are also great for large, custom trade show exhibits. Rather than build on-site, simply slide the walls together and level. When done, tear out, stack them up and move out. While  our walls won’t work for 2-story custom exhibits, they’re great for 1-story exhibits and meeting rooms.

Our customer list is growing!

We’re excited to help more museums save money, keep construction noise and mess away, and have incredible flexibility when designing and building exhibit areas.

Want to learn more?

Click these links below to learn more about our portable, moveable, temporary walls and our growing list of customers.

See how our portable walls helped the Stax Museum to create a changeable exhibit area.

The Museum Center at Five Points in Cleveland, Tennessee developed a floor plan for a new exhibit, and plan to reuse the walls for future exhibits.

See how the Majestic Casino used our portable walls system to create an exhibit area

See our walls in use at the “Never Can Say Goodbye” exhibit honoring Michael Jackson at the Majestic Casino, Gary, Indiana, courtesy of the Chicago Blues Museum.

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