Free Standing Portable Walls

Individual sections, great for merchandise or display islands.

Portable, convenient and attractive

Get your message out.

Make your message stand out with graphics on our portable, free standing walls.

Divide a space anyplace!

Create a portable point of purchase display. Place where you need it, then move it when necessary.

Make space for an office in your store

Retail offices never have enough space. Stack our free standing portable walls side by side to block off entire sections. Create focus areas, display areas, or section off an office for yourself. Read more ideas here!

Sometimes you just need your space.

It’s easy to make space for yourself!

Our portable walls are built like furniture, but made to look like a wall. With our portable walls you can get strength, and the ability to nail or screw heavier items directly into the display. Da Libero free standing portable walls are a 3 foot wide x 7 foot tall. They also feature a 4″ tall mini pedestal area for displaying objects directly on the base.

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