Free standing portable wall

Sometimes you just need a free standing portable wall.

Maybe your restaurant could benefit from a free standing portable wall to serve as a hostess station and menu holder.  Perhaps your retail store could use a portable wall to divide a little space for your office? Perhaps your trade show exhibit only needs a single wall to hold some heavier items? Well, we have some great news!

Pareti offers free standing portable walls that are moveable. Built like furniture, but made to look like a wall, they use the same simple internal design as our regular walls, but don’t require support ends to stand (Yay!). Now you can get strength, and the ability to nail or screw heavier items directly into the display. These are a 3 foot wide x 7 foot tall moveable wall. They also feature a 4″ tall mini pedestal area for displaying objects directly on the base.

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Da Libero Free Standing Display Wall Brochure

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Introducing Da Libero, the free standing, display wall!

Cool things like race cars are Italian, so we decided to name this display item Da Libero, because it can be used as soon as you get it. No set up required.

Da Libero was inspired by one of our customers, Lift Safety. The nice folks at Lift Safety needed a few heavy duty, free standing display stands for their trade show booth to hang featured products. (If you have a specific challenge you’d like us to help with, you can email us here).

Pareti applied our patent pending wall building structure to create this free standing “L” shaped wall. Thanks to the 36″ x 36″ base, enough counterweight is on the bottom to allow items to be hung on the wall. Lift Safety (and now other customers) have used this to nail or bolt  products to the wall.

Due to the 3 foot width of these display stands, they ship easily on our standard 106″ x 48″ pallet size. Even stacked, they generally don’t require crating, which can save money and shipping costs.

Great for trade shows or point of purchase displays

Da Libero requires no set up, and has no parts. It comes ready to use.

Use it for trade shows, a restaurant menu holder, airports, feature products, or a point of purchase display. Use several side by side to create a privacy wall. You can order them individually, or group them together. Check out these links to our other products if you need to create a portable room or longer wall.

freestanding display wall exhibit wall movable wall made in usa

Things you’ll love about Da Libero

The Da Libero free standing portable wall offers the same common-sense, simplicity as our regular portable walls:

  • Paint them with ordinary house paint when you decide to change the color.
  • Cover it with vinyl wrap (we provide that service too).
  • Order them in basic primed white
  • Or have us provide the final coat of the paint color you choose.

Love the wood look? We can apply wood grain or your choice of laminate pattern.

We can customize your Da Libero free standing portable wall with wood veneer, a wood grain-look laminate, or even faux wood grain painting. Other laminate styles can be applied too. Just remember a laminate surface will no longer be easily repaired if you nail or screw things into it.

(We use national paint brands from major national retailers, so brands available at Lowe’s, Home Depot, Sherwin Williams, or Menards will allow us to match the paint swatch you choose.)

free standing portable walls for retail stores

Need a divider that doubles as a point of purchase area for your store?

Retail stores are always short on space. Da Libero offers a sleek way to divide your space, while still allowing you to use area for retail displays or signage. Paint to match your decor. Add sections to create an entire wall. If you change spaces, your investment goes with you to your next location! Pareti also offers vinyl graphics, so you can have full color posters custom made for your retail display.

How will your free standing portable wall arrive?

Pareti ships to the continental USA and Canada. Your freestanding portable wall (or walls if you order more than one) will arrive on a 48″ x 106″ pallet, shrink-wrapped and strapped for protection. Each section is carefully wrapped with foam and heavy cardboard corners to protect your shipment.

I don’t have a dock

If you don’t have a dock, no worries. We’ll provide you with complete instructions to show you how to receive your shipment without a dock.

Can I make my free standing portable wall any color?

Pareti can paint your display using any standard paint chip available from national big box hardware stores like Lowe’s, Home Depot, Sherwin Williams, and Menards. Simply select the color you want, tell us the brand and swatch number, and we will order that color for you. If you decide to change the look of your portable wall, no worries – simply use regular house paint, and paint it a different color.

What if I want laminate or Formica instead?

Pareti uses WilsonArt brand laminates, and there are hundreds to choose from. You may view some swatches here. Laminate will make your item cost more. Additionally, some laminate patterns cost more than others. We’ll help you through that process, however. We can create a quote based on your choice.  (If you’re unsure about color changes, or you want the versatility of being able to patch nail holes from things you hang up, we suggest you go with a painted finish. Patching laminate holes is much more difficult than patching our standard MDF surface.)

Can I nail or place screws onto the Da Libero free standing portable wall?

You bet! When you order we can provide a diagram showing you where the studs are. For custom orders we can place additional studs in your unit, so be sure to ask your sales representative about additional studs if you plan to hang items like shelving on your freestanding portable walls.

Contact us for more information at 866-339-1009 (select option 1 for sales) or email us at

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