Office Conference Room

Create a conference room or office when and where you need it

Create an office or conference room fast

Pareti can help you create an office or conference room fast, in just about any open space. Maybe you’re in a rented space you can’t alter. Maybe you’re planning break-out areas for an expo. Or maybe you don’t want the hassle and mess that comes with standard construction. Whatever the reason, Pareti can help you create a space within a space, while letting you take your construction investment with you.

Build your conference room or meeting places with our system within hours. If you want to move or change your floor plan, simply disassemble the sections and set them up. Our system is ready to use right out of the box, and it’s intuitive and simple.

Portable conference meeting rooms are helpful for private meetings with clients, or group meetings with employees. At Pareti, we used our own portable products to create our meeting room. This way our meeting room design can be changed or repainted, or even moved and turned into offices, a receptionist area, or gallery.

Conference rooms are great for meeting with clients, interviewing new employees, and also for team meetings, company sponsored lunches, and safety meetings. Like our customers, we find portability is a very helpful feature. Whether your company is growing, you plan on moving in the future, or you just want to make construction super simple, our walls can work for you.

Designing a conference room or office

It’s amazing how many different conference or meeting room designs you can create with our portable wall system. You can get as dramatic, or simple as you like. You can create complex meeting and office areas, or simply create a meeting space in the middle of your office area. Some of our customers have included social service agencies and companies who have repurposed former schools for offices, or companies and retail stores who simply need to quickly subdivide office space without modifying their rented area.

Need more than a square room for your office?

No problem! We can create custom wall profiles to create unlimited shapes – even curves! If you want angled walls, call us!

Create a private space just about anywhere

You don’t have to have to be a huge company to create a little office privacy. Some of our customers simply create an “L” shaped wall to subdivide their space. Others may want locking doors or more complex floor plans. One of the great things about our product is that you can create customized spaces to fit your ceiling height or preferences.

Office meeting rooms

Some of our customers opted for Pareti for their meeting rooms and office spaces because construction would have required tear-out, and a rebuild. Offices with a lot of glass windows, for example, can still be subdivided without harming or changing the existing architecture. Single office rooms can be quickly subdivided. Most installations take very little time.

Creating meetings rooms, conference rooms and private offices are fast & simple with Pareti!

No tools or construction experience necessary!

With Pareti you can easily redesign your space by subdividing your office or rented space. Add an office with a locking door, or create a meeting space. Create entirely new spaces within hours.

WIth our portable walls you can paint or apply graphics to fit your brand. You can personalize your office with hanging artwork or niche shelving to add style.

The best part? If you expand or move – unlike traditional construction – you take your investment with you. Modifications in commercial spaces are very costly. With Pareti, you can create the office, meeting spaces, or storage closets you need without money going to waste from expansions, moves, or reducing your commercial space.

Design Ideas for Meeting Rooms

Think of your conference room as a perpetual sales force. Once you have a conference room you’ll be surprised how often you use it. With a great looking meeting space you’ll find you’ll hold just about every meeting there with vendors, customers, future and present employees. The best salespeople sell continuously – now you can let your walls do the talking!

Meeting room design

Conference rooms are also a great way to showcase your company’s products are servcies. The right design can work as a perpetual sales force when clients visit.

Retail spaces also use our walls to create office areas. Create customized meeting areas for private client meetings, or just a niche for an office area. You have more flexibity with our portable wall system – and a functional floor plan doesn’t need to be complex.

Conference room design ideas

When designing your conference room, don’t overlook color and images. Paint color can create a certain feel for your office meeting space, so be sure to select strategically, and don’t be afraid to use color.

Select the best images possible to communicate what you do. Design posters featuring testimonials and past projects and hang them in your space. This works as a permanent display of your accomplishments, and it won’t go unnoticed! People are often waiting in conference areas – either for meetings to begin or delays. Take advantage of the time people spend waiting by giving them informational graphics and photos about your company to view.

Has  your company been featured in the news? Create a poster about it. If highlighting projects include a description in the poster so customers can learn about your projects.

Furniture for your meeting room

Furniture for your conference room is an important consideration. Should you spring for an expensive conference room table? Conference tables can be enormously expensive, and very difficult to upcycle once they’re no longer used. How about considering a long dining room table instead? They’re more affordable, and offer the length and width most standard conference tables offer, but add character, and can be easily upcycled later. 

Audio Visual Area

Mounting a flat screen to the wall helps conserve space in meeting areas. This can easily be done on our portable walls. You’ll want to do as much as possible to make meetings turn-key and ready to use when needed.

Conference calls are also conducted in these meeting spaces, so it’s important to have audio in good working order, ready to go.

Keep sound down and light in

Having portable walls helps keep the echo down. They create an enclosed space and prevent a bad-sounding hollow reverb. One of the options Pareti has added are wall panels with peek-a-boo windows – these are panels with long, open slits to allow light in while still keeping noise at a minimum. They also add a cool design feature to the room and make it feel more ‘breathable’.

It’s easy to add a space for meetings or private areas to your existing office space.

What would your ideal office space, meeting room, or conference room look like? We can help. No idea where to start? No problem! We can offer suggestions to help you get started.

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