and covid barricades

Heavy dividers

Our portable walls are great for heavier dividers to help with social distancing – plus they’re paintable & movable.

Create instant partitions

Create instant partitions you can easily remove when crazy COVID is over. Super fast set up, and they feel like real walls.

We also offer lightweight decorative COVID screens and sneeze guards

If you’re looking for more of a clear, lightweight divider, check out our Decorative COVID screens information page. These can be used on desktops, counters, or as room dividers. They’re backed with clear vinyl to help encourage social distancing, and feature wood painted to resemble a wrought iron look. The modern, geometric designs make social distancing look great.

For a hard wall solution that resembles a real wall, check out our partitions below.

Divide and Conquer

Create social distance with a sturdier, more permanent feel with our shorter portable walls. They’re made the same way as our standard portable walls, but can create immovable configurations for a super stable floor plan.