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About Pareti

Pareti Mobile Walls is a 100% woman-owned company, which features handmade products which are manufactured in the USA. We’re centrally located in Iowa, which allows us to easily ship to the Continental US and Canada. Want to get to know us better? Watch how we got started in our About Us video.

Moveable Art Display Walls

Pareti Mobile Walls, LLC creates moveable and simple-to-use walls, allowing you to get creative with your space by adding customizable and portable walls for art displays. Our patent-pending system will provide you with a range of wall sizes and shapes, so you can reconfigure your floor plans within hours.

Create stylish, simple and secure portable walls to hang your art and get ready for your next display or museum exhibit.

We make Moveable Art Walls look great

If your art museum or facility frequently showcases specific art styles, artists or time periods, you need a display that can easily adapt and allow for various configurations and floor plans. Our portable art walls will enable you to regularly redesign, rearrange and rebuild your displays. They’re simple to use and can transform spaces into private areas for art focal points.

Best of all, these moveable art display walls look very similar to ordinary walls. Standard sections come in four basic sizes, which you can arrange and rearrange as needed. We can also help you design sturdy floor plans so you have specific plans to go with your set.

  • 24″ x 24″ “T” shaped end
  • 24″ x 24″ “L” shaped corner end
  • 48″ x 8′ flat wall
  • 24″ x 8′ flat wall

Large or Small, Complex or Simple

Pareti can offer you the size and complexity you need – whether you need something simple for a smaller gallery, have lots of challenging spaces to fill, or you’re planning a world class museum exhibit. We specialize in customized shapes and sizes.

portable walls about us

Be sure to ask for our Viewbook to see different configurations in use, concept renderings and more. (Due to significant  price fluctuations in the market, prices shown in the Viewbook may not be accurate, so you’ll want to be sure to ask for a quote when determining your budget.)

Download the Viewbook here.

We also offer custom sizes and shapes. We ship throughout the continental United States and export to Canada, Mexico, Australia, and Europe.

Contact us at 866.339.1009 (dial Option 1 for sales).

Curved walls

Our curved walls are show-stopping gorgeous. Your customers and patrons will love them and enjoy  discovering where they lead. You’ll find designing with them is fun too!

Our curved walls can be made in a variety of diameters, and they’re affordably priced. These also offer a great alternative for builders. They assemble in minutes, rather than hours or days as a traditional construction project would. They’re designed to connect with our standard flat walls so you can be even more creative with space. Check them out here, or email us and we’ll send you a curved walls brochure.

A little bit about us 

We love what we do, and it shows. Maybe it’s our Midwest work ethic, but we really care about what we do, how it’s done, and making our customers happy.

In 2015 we started in a borrowed garage. We grew quickly and settled in our forever home in Belle Plaine, Iowa – a rural town situated midway between Des Moines and Cedar Rapids. 

Art, graphics, murals, and sculpting is in our blood. Being creative with space  was the inspiration for our modular wall system. We wanted to help others enjoy the same creativity, so they can recreate interior spaces as needed. 

Our products 

The idea to build easy-to-use, affordable mobile walls with a simple design was both unique and needed. Museums, open office spaces, and companies needing heavy duty trade show displays are all benefitting from our temporary wall systems. Our mobile walls set up quickly, allow for a change in floor plans, and are easy to maintain with simple products available at any hardware store.

Our first prototype set was sold in 2012 and is still in regular use today. Our products are now in use all over the USA and Canada. 

Pareti employs creative finish carpenters who are committed to providing the very best to our customers. Our commitment to quality is simple and personal: We provide top-notch construction, build our products carefully, and see that they’re carefully packed to ship to you or your show. We also fabricate custom cabinets, receptionist desks, custom pedestals, vinyl graphics, and offer graphic design services.


Museums and more

Who uses our portable walls? In short, people who want to change heir interior spaces.

Pareti’s customers range from world-class museums, colleges/universities, and startups, to innovative tech companies, and Fortune 500 companies – and even homeowners who want to carve a niche for an office space.

If you’re looking for flexibility and strength when it comes to dividing or creating a space, we should talk!

Our trade show displays can easily transform from a 10 foot booth to a larger booth. Our partition wall systems transform open rooms into individual work areas. Our walls are amazingly strong and can be used to hold heavier items like flat screen TVs, products, paintings, and small shelving – all designed to stay put as needed, and to be changed around as needed.

With our walls, interior spaces become changeable.


office conference room
office conference room

say hello to some customers!

art gallery wall

How will your museum benefit?

Move walls like furniture. Change your space. With our wall system, you can set exhibits up and tear them down quickly without having to deal with all the construction mess and noise. You can turn empty spaces in your museum into completely new places and transform them to new floor plans. Because nothing is permanent with these walls, you can continue reusing them over and over again.

Pareti Mobile Walls help you make the changes you want in minutes, rather than months – and without the mess or noise that comes with traditional construction.

Our displays are heavy duty and can easily hold collections of framed artwork, creating visually stunning presentations. You can use regular nails and patch them up anytime you want to change your space.When you no longer need your museum walls, you can dispose of them without worrying about the environment — they’re made out of biodegradable components. You won’t be able to find a system like ours anywhere else!

Want to find out more?

Contact us to get one of many of our catalogs, informational brochures, and view books to get some inspiration for your next project. Contact our team and transform your art gallery today with our affordable, high-quality display wallsOur portable museum walls are made by finish carpenters who are dedicated to delivering superior construction.

Targeted Small Business

Pareti Mobile Walls, LLC is a Certified Targeted Small Business, officially recognized as a minority, 100% woman owned business by the Iowa Economic Development Authority.

Call 319-208-6109 or drop us an email!

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