About Pareti Mobile Walls

Now you can make walls move – just like furniture! Get to know us a little bit better by learning about who we are, who uses our products, and how committed we are to delighting customers.

portable exhibit walls at Kent State

Hi. It’s nice to meet you.

Pareti Mobile Walls, LLC is a woman-owned company (100%) located in eastern Iowa. The idea to build easy-to-use, affordable mobile walls with a simple design was both novel and needed. We offer standard and custom portable walls in a variety of shapes and sizes, and serve a variety of industries. Whether you’re a museum, art gallery, commercial office space, or a company wanting to display your products at a trade show, we can help.

We strongly believe in making our customers happy.

“Pareti” means “wall” in Italian. There’s nothing currently like our wall system. It’s a patent pending system featuring a lighter weight wall that’s sturdy, easy to maintain, and crazy simple to use.

We are a certified Iowa Targeted Small Business.

We’re located at 1502 13th Street,  Belle Plaine, Iowa 52208. Belle Plaine is a small community located about 1 hour west of Cedar Rapids.

We employ creative, skilled finish carpenters who are committed to providing the very best to our customers. Our commitment to quality is simple and personal: We provide top-notch construction, and build our products carefully, as though they are shipping to a family member.

Where do we deliver?

Our customers are located all over the continental United States. We also serve Canada and Mexico.

Why are we different?

Our portable walls are different because they hold heavier things and they’re simple and easy to use. If you’ve ever played with Lincoln Logs, and you can comfortably carry 50 pounds, you can put our walls together – it’s that simple.

What else is unique?

  • Our walls are capable of holding heavier items, like framed artwork or flat screen televisions
  • They have the appearance of real walls – unlike metal, plastic, or screen types of room dividers
  • You can paint, apply graphics, or hang wall paper on them like real walls
  • Nail holes are patched easier than regular drywall walls
  • Like real walls, they can be easily modified with things like beadboard, chair rail, moulding, and other accents commonly found in hardware stores
  • They are built to last a very long time

Built by cabinet makers

temporary walls portable walls mobile walls for museumsEven those who are not woodworkers can tell our walls are very well made. That’s because our fabricators aren’t ordinary carpenters – they’re veteran cabinet builders and finish carpenters. You’ll immediately notice the superior construction quality of our products. The high degree of craftsmanship is evident when you first receive your crate.

If you’re weary of low-quality, throw away products, you will be delighted when you receive our walls – and you’ll be amazed they are as affordable as they are.

What other products and services do we offer?

In addition to portable walls, we offer:

  • A large assortment of stock and custom sized pedestals
  • Vinyl graphics for our walls and pedestals (vinyl wrap or first surface vinyl graphics)
  • 3D foam sculptures and studio props
  • Large foam lettering and logos
  • Award-winning graphic design, trade show display design, and illustration services

 Strong, but small enough for a 10-foot booth

Our walls are amazingly strong and lightweight, so they meet an important need for companies who need to display heavy products at trade shows. If you need to have a 10 foot trade show display to show actual retail products, please contact us, or learn more about our trade show displays.

Start thinking creatively about your spaces!

temporary walls portable walls mobile walls for museumsWhat if you could make your office space, gallery, workspace or retail space grow and change with your business?

Now you can really change and rearrange your walls like you do your furniture. Test how people respond in your spaces. Find what works best for patrons. Change focal points in stores. Create private areas. The ideas are endless.

Our mobile walls are interchangeable, and can easily be arranged to design countless configurations and floor plans.

Who uses our portable walls?

A growing number of prominent museums, colleges & universities, trade show venues, and companies use our mobile walls on an ongoing basis.


National Czech, Stax Museum, Museum at the Five Points, Majestic Star, Chicago Blues Museum


Learn more about how to install Pareti Mobile Walls. It’s easy!

Make your walls moveable!

Have you ever wondered why you can’t just move the walls around you at work or at home? Of course not! We’re trained to think of walls as immobile. But that’s changing now!

At Pareti Mobile Walls, LLC, we make it easy, simple, quiet, and clean to change your interior walls around – even if you have no carpentry or construction experience.

Building and tearing out traditional stud framed walls are expensive, messy jobs. In addition to the mess, labor, noise, and demolition, the materials used in building traditional walls often go straight into the landfill once tear-out is complete. And afterward, there’s dry wall dust, nails, and other junk to clean up. Who wants that??

Our portable walls look great and save you money the first time  you move them. They set up quickly, with out construction noise or mess, and last a very long time. Plus, if there ever comes a time they must be thrown out, they’re repairable, and as a worst-case scenario – biodegradable.


Pareti Mobile Walls in use at The National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee. (To protect the copyrighted work of the artist, we whited out the framed artwork.)

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