Lead time for custom trade show booths

What’s the lead time for a custom trade show booth?

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In a rush for a trade show display – like yesterday? Call us (319-558-8741) or email us if you’re in a rush to meet a show date!

Generally, our turn-around for a trade show booth is about 2-3 weeks + shipping (3-5 days depending on the destination) but call to check on lead times – we may be able to accommodate your rush order.

Turn-around time can be affected by specific features you may want added, such as custom paint colors,  vinyl graphics or vinyl wrap.

Our custom trade show booths are the easiest to set up.

  • Set up takes about 5 minutes (once carried in)
  • We have a 3-minute training video you can watch here
  • Our custom booth walls are heavy-duty, and designed to hang stuff on, such as flat screen monitors, products, and pictures. Most of our customers average about 25 lbs of product per wall. With an adequate floor plan (which is more like a room and offers more counter-balance) you can hang heavier items.
  • Use ordinary things like nails, wood screws, and picture hangers from a local hardware store to hang items.
  • Easy set up and no little parts
  • Easy maintenance
  • The walls connect universally, so you can simply and easily change floor plans per show by swapping or adding sections.

Don’t be shy about asking for a quote by emailing us or calling 319-558-8741. We can get you pricing fast, and will only check back to be sure you’re on track with your deadline.

Our walls are made in the USA by highly skilled finish carpenters at our Eastern Iowa location.

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How much does a custom trade show booth cost?

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