Walls for exhibits, offices and expos

portable moveable temporary walls curator museum

Design your own walls for exhibits, offices, and expos – and paint any color!  Unlike real walls you can easily change and rearrange, then take apart and store until you need them again.

Our mobile walls offer the very best without the high cost for portable walls for exhibits, offices, and medical applications.

Our portable walls offer a great advantage over regular construction for exhibits, hospitals, offices & museums. But what do they look like? From panel to panel our walls look just like the real thing. Please note that seams are visible when the panels are together, but most feel they do not distract from the general look of the wall. (Our portable walls have seams where the walls are joined.) We’re often asked how these look. Most people feel they are not visually distracting. We do have a handful of customers who prefer to tape and mud the walls, as they would with drywall, however they feel the portability of the walls make this well worth the effort.

Our portable walls for exhibits, offices and expos can also be used for other applications such as creating a fast office for triage, exams, trade show offices, in-plant offices, concerts, and more. The walls can be painted over and over, or may have vinyl applied to them.

seams-portable-walls-mobile-wallsThe visibility of seams will also depend on the how level the floor is. This is why we include adjustable feet on all of our wall segments. Once adjusted correctly, the space between each panel (when the walls are together and level) should be about as thick as heavy paperboard or business card – similar to the thickness of a cereal box. So while there’s a visible seam, the walls should be tightly joined together.