Office Partitions

Move your walls like furniture as your business grows.

Change your space

Create the spaces you need with our portable walls. They’re easier to assemble than partitions, and can be painted like real walls.

Combine Shapes

Our wall sections connect universally, so you can get creative with space. Create an entryway or workspace, simply by moving sections around.

Need a meeting area?

Just slide walls into place and level. We can help you create the ultimate open office which can be added onto as you grow. Our simple, patent pending system will allow you to create colorful, open workspaces. Change the floor plan around when you want to. Paint when you want to. Hang things up. Welcome to the easy and creative way to build office partitions!

We Export

We ship throughout the Continental USA and Canada.


Pareti’s wall systems are made of biodegradable products.

Need it Fast?

Got a tight deadline? Complex project? Call 866.339.1009

We make your concept portable.

Our patent pending system can help you create the rugged, hard-wall, pop-up store you need, but with the portability you want. Our design experts can provide a labelled plan and installation guide for simple set up and tear down.

Graphics Services

Supply your own graphics, or commission our team to illustrate, design, and print graphics for you.

Custom finishing

Customize your branded space with full vinyl wrapped graphics, or with vinyl lettering and a national brand paint color of your choice.

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