Walls on Wheels!

Glide with freestanding

portable walls on casters

Make moving walls a fun, 1-person job!

With portable walls on casters you can move our walls like never before! Glide across the room. Join more walls together. Hang things up, and divide up interior spaces at will. And move things around – just because!

Our portable walls on casters make our sturdy, 100-lb walls easy to move and simple to rearrange.

Make them any color you want.

Customize your portable walls on casters with ordinary interior house paint to create a truly custom look. Hang vinyl graphics, place vinyl wallpaper, hang shelving, photos, and more.

Great for smaller retail applications

Our portable walls on casters can stand as a single 4’x8′ unit, which means smaller galleries, boutiques and stores can afford to section off areas with a single section or two, rather than requiring a larger number of portable walls as needed for our standard portable walls.

Paintable, nail-able, movable

Our portable walls on casters are made of the same material as our standard walls, so you can paint, screw shelving into them, hang pictures, and attach vinyl graphics.

Let us know your application, since heavier items can require additional internal backing within the walls. Pictures and 3-5 shelves + items weighing 5-8 lbs should be no problem for standard walls on casters, or our standard flat walls.

Our walls on casters ship crated, via LTL freight, however we also welcome pickup-orders if a drive to Iowa is in your future.

portable walls on casters

Get super creative with space

With portable walls on casters you can section off areas as you need. Create showcase areas in front of windows. Divide studio apartments. Create office spaces, waiting areas, salon areas, and other new places in your space.

No carpentry experience necessary

You don’t need to be a construction genius. Casters make things easy! If you can use a regualr 9/16″ wrench, you and a friend can assemble your portable walls quickly and easily.

Create longer spans by locking casters and positioning rolling walls together. We offer customization, such as joinery to create tighter seams, and top caps to cover joinery if you have a second floor overlooking your gallery walls.

Order your walls ready to use right out of the box, or order as a DIY paint/primer project.

Lower ceilings or just want something lighter weight? We can easily customize your height for walls shorter than 8 feet at no additional charge.

How much do they cost? Portable walls on casters cost about $850 per 4’x 8′ section. Lead times vary based on production queues, but average about 2 weeks + ship time.

Contact us at hi@paretimobilewalls.com. for crating and shipping information for your area.