Museum art gallery walls

Walls made for art, ready to use right out of the box for your gallery!

You don’t have to be a major museum to create a great looking art gallery wall for your art gallery, displays, and exhibits.

Pareti fabricates custom, affordable art gallery walls, right in the USA (Iowa). We ship all over the USA and Canada. Our museum art gallery walls are ready for your museum or exhibit as soon as you get them. If you’re on a tight budget, you may also order them bare and DIY your own priming and painting.

Reconfigure the art walls, use them for temporary exhibits, or keep them in place in your gallery for as long as you need. Our easy-to-use system requires little to no carpentry experience. If you can lift 50 lbs, operate a drill and use a ladder and level, you can set up our walls.

A basic installation of a 12 foot span of art gallery walls takes about an hour – and you’re ready to hang art! It’s that simple! There’s no hidden set up, no additional finishing needed. We can ship to you even if you don’t have a dock – just be sure to factor unloading and carrying in as part of your installation time budgeting. We can help with that too!

Pareti’s portable walls are very intuitive to set up and maintain. Use ordinary house paint to get the wall color you prefer. Fill nail holes and repaint after each show, and hang new work up. Nail where you like, and use French cleats for heavier work. Pareti can also add additional blocking for heavier items. We strive to make it simple and intuitive to maintain your walls.

Art Gallery and Museum Walls

Keep your museum or art gallery wall exhibits fresh by recreating new floor plans with our walls. Reconfiguring gallery walls helps your space interesting, and will help keep regular patrons coming back. Easily recreate entirely new interior spaces to keep your museum or gallery floor plans fresh and new to explore.

art gallery wall

Above: The Milwaukee Historical Museum uses Pareti Mobile Walls to create exhibits and galleries in their beautiful, historical building.

Create gallery walls and groupings of art

Shouldn’t moveable, portable art gallery walls work like regular, real walls? We think so! Drive a nail where you need. Hang art in groupings if you like. Use vinyl graphics. Paint as you would a real wall. Make that musuem display stand out! The difference is you can move Pareti’s gallery walls as you would furniture – so you can design and move panels at will.

Add more art gallery or museum walls as you go

One of the nice things about our gallery walls is that they’re modular. You can easily add more of our modular panels as budgets allow. Create a collection of portable walls to make intruiging spaces. Arrange nook areas to highlight special areas of emphasis in your exhibit. Create entire build-outs for full art or museum galleries. Offer a special entrance for paid exhibits and direct traffic flow. Section off larger rooms to accomodate for smaller exhibits. Pareti’s walls work great for shared spaces for college and university shared spaces too!

custom portable walls or standard movable walls

Like the Nike / Converse Flagship store and museum’s plans (top right, above) many of our customers use portable walls to preserve their original walls. Create a floor plan based on your needs. Even if you’re fitting walls in a custom area.

From the gift shop to the gallery

Imagine changing your art exhibition space on the fly within hours! Pareti is designed for creative thinking and puts you, the exhibit designer, in control. With our gallery walls you can easily change colors with each new exhibit to create stunning, inviting, and interesting displays. That means you can build a gift shop area or an entire full scale feature exhibit. Our art display walls don’t require extra surfaces to be applied, or lots of hardware, or experienced builders to assemble. They’re designed to be incredibly simple to use for people who don’t have a background in carpentry or building. They’re also affordable and made in the USA.

Made with environmentally friendly materials

Concerned about the environment? We are too. That’s why we designed our art exhibition panel design system to be biodegradable and made of simple materials. No plastics or metals. Our art walls have been in continual use for years and last a long time. They’re repairable too. But if the day comes they need to be discarded, you can have the peace of mind knowing they are made of natural materials that will biodegrade. Even our joinery is designed to be biodegradable.

curved portable walls
office conference room

Have you checked out our curved walls?

Can we just say WOW?? Our curved gallery walls add beauty and elegance to any space. Pareti’s totally modular art display wall system also connects with our curved walls! This adds an amazing look to your interior gallery spaces! Create entryways, focus areas, or just cool wave patterns. Our curved walls make exploring your musuem or gallery space even more interesting. People aren’t accustomed to navigating curved walls, but they find them enthralling! If you’re into fine art you know the magic of the “S” curve. It’s really cool to see people enjoy and explore vertical spaces that go from flat to curved. You can create these dramatic and lovely spaces – and use them the same way as our standard art gallery wall sections. Paint on them, hang on them, place graphics on them.

Less work, more cool factor

We hand build our walls in the heartland of the USA. To us, they’re works of art, just like the artifacts you plan to place on them! We take immense pride in everything we build. They’re beautiful when done, and shipped ready for you to use for your gallery, art space, or museum.

We make custom museum gallery walls to fit any space

Pareti views all orders as custom. That means you can easily order a shorter height if your museum gallery calls for it. You can also order custom widths if you need to fit your art display wall in a certain area, at no additional charge.

Many of our customers need to fit portable art gallery walls within certain areas – such as carving out an office area within a gallery, or creating a museum office. Our walls can also be ordered to attach to permanent wall studs for easy and super fast build-outs. Historical museums often require custom measurements and find our solution is cost effective and competitive compared to other systems. Pareti does not charge extra for our custom orders, so feel free to contact us with your ideas. We are here to help!

Many museums use a combination of our traditional mobile walls and our mobile walls on casters

You don’t need to stick with just one style of walls. Many of our customers use a combination of our standard walls which use adjustable leveling feet, and our walls on casters, which can be moved by one person. Learn more our walls on casters here.

Go ahead – hang something heavy!

We know exhibits can include more than pictures. That’s why our walls are designed to hang heavier items. Curators trust our walls over permanent drywall construction because our walls won’t delaminate like drywall can. With the proper counterbalance, our portable walls become immovable. Some of our customers include marble flooring retailers, ceramic tile manufacturers, and more. Our customers have placed flat screen TVs, huge adult sized “LiteBrite” displays, and similarly heavy items on our walls. The casework at left included artifacts and a lexan case – all hanging on our portable walls.

Store them in plain sight

Nearly all museums are concerned with space. Pareti offers walls with doors, so when the walls aren’t in use (or you only need a few) you can create a closet for storage, right in plain sight. Our walls take up very little square footage. In fact, we can provide you with a required square footage floor plan so you know exactly how much room the walls will require when put away.

Contact us for the Viewbook 

If you’re looking for ideas, be sure to ask about our ViewBook, which is full of ideas and various installations for you to see. Email us at and we’ll send you a PDF full of ideas.