Take your store to the streets!

Bring your store where the customers are, complete with branding, locking enclosures, and ways to hang merchandise with our pop up or flash store solution. When it’s time to go someplace else, pack the walls and set them up again. Use the same configuration, or modify your configuration as necessary to fit a new space.

Pareti Mobile Walls hold a lot of different items, from heavier products to shelving. With the right configuration you can offer a retail store feel, as well as a lockable encloses area.

Take your store to the streets!

Pop-up, or “flash” stores can help you generate excitement and engagement from creating the unexpected. Customers will notice your location is out of the ordinary. You may also find co-marketing or locating your flash store in a convient place can help drive sales. When your pop-up retail is done, simply move your merch and walls and go to the next location.

What helps drive sales in pop up stores?

Studies show experiential features like adding immersive experiences into physical stores can create closer engagement with customers. Think selfie booths or spaces which are fun for adults or kids to experience.

Portable Retail

Pareti offers the perfect solution for pop up, moveable retail stores. Create a dramatic, customizable space with your unique branding and feel.

Reconfigurable and flexible

Our unique products are reconfigurable, so you can change your floor plan for flash retail sales, seasonal specials, or special events.

Customize your Pop Up Store

Do you need a portable branded space? We bring your ideas to life – and with built-in flexibility! Our modular system allows you to create larger or smaller pop up store spaces by adding or removing panels. We can help you design a unique system to fit your needs, including customize widths, shapes, and heights.

We Export

We ship throughout the Continental USA and Canada.


Pareti’s wall systems are made of biodegradable products.

Need it Fast?

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We make your concept portable.

Our patent pending system can help you create the rugged, hard-wall, pop-up store you need, but with the portability you want. Our design experts can provide a labelled plan and installation guide for simple set up and tear down.

Graphics Services

Supply your own graphics, or commission our team to illustrate, design, and print graphics for you.

Custom finishing

Customize your branded space with full vinyl wrapped graphics, or with vinyl lettering and a national brand paint color of your choice.