10′ x 10′ Trade Show Display

Hang heavier items with our rugged 10 x 10 heavy duty display, and enjoy simple set up, simple maintenance, and flexibility.

Our 10 x 10 hard wall, heavy duty displays are designed for hanging heavier products. If you need to display the types of products that require screws or nails to mount on a wall, we think you’ll be very happy. With our heavy duty trade show displays you can hang things like:

  • Large flat screen TVs
  • Heavy tools
  • Shelving

Pareti’s trade show walls go together simply using our patent pending, slide together joiners. They are simple to maintain – when you need to patch a nail hole, you apply spackling and regular houseplant.

If you're looking for a strong, sturdy, hard wall display, this is it.

use Pareti walls to hang merchandise

Our wall offerings come in sections, allowing them to be expanded to 10 x 20, 10 x 30 or more. A 20-foot width, being a common request for trade show displays, are listed here for your browsing convenience, but can be expanded further with our patent pending, slide together joiners.

As with all our wall products, these heavy duty displays are designed to accommodate the weight from hanging and mounting.

You might hang things like:

  • Flat screen TVs or monitors
  • Merchandise or demo products
  • Shelving
  • Banners

Just as in your home, patching a nail hole on your mobile wall is a simple affair: we recommend spackling and common house paint.

Universal Fit

Our walls fit each other universally, so same height sections from this set can also be combined with other sections to create larger displays. Use sections from this set to create a 10 x 20 inline display, island display, or other configurations.

Hassle-Free Customization

Pareti can also help you customize your display with a shorter half-wall (4 feet wide x 3 feet tall) for shows which require a lower line of sight. Standard sets include the half wall is on the right, but we can fabricate your order with the half wall on the left by request.

Product Details

If you sell feathers, these aren't for you.

We're not talking about a lightweight, pop-up. We're talking about something as rugged as a custom-built, hard wall display, but on a smaller scale - and no drywall. Clad with MDF on both sides and 3/4" machined studs, our walls are portable, affordable and super easy to maintain. The heaviest sections weigh about 100 lbs., and each section requires two people to carry, set up, and tear down. If you're marketing heavy products, you'll enjoy the flexibility and what you can do with this display.

How much can it hold?

We knew our museum curators were hanging well over 75 lbs per panel, so we decided to do our own informal experiment. Using some walls from our own trade show display (shown at the bottom of the page) we created an in-house challenge: to find heavy items in our shop and hang them on the walls. The walls were still very stable and unmovable. (Check out the video here.) Based on our internal tests and our customers’ tests, our 10 x 10 configurations can easily hold 200 lbs.


Go with our standard white, or add vinyl graphics and paint to reinforce your brand. Fortay offers strength, simple maintenance and lasting quality.

Built like furniture, our trade show walls offer incredible strength and flexibility. Fortay offers a 10 x 10 starter set. Purchase additional sections to create 20 foot booths or larger. (Be sure to contact Pareti on which pieces you’ll need for stability).

Fortay’s unique half wall provides a 4-foot anchor wall to help keep your show walls stable, while offering a counter area for brochures or products. This unit can comfortably hold up to 200 lbs of flat weight – all while remaining incredibly sturdy and stable. Hang heavier items such as product, shelving, and flat screen televisions. Please contact Pareti if your products will extend over 10″ from the wall.

Fortay is made in the USA, is biodegradable, and made of wood products. When not at your trade show, the walls may be stored, or used for portable, moveable walls in your office.

Fortay 10′ x 10′ display units include:
  • two “L” shaped ends
  • one 48″ flat wall
  • one 24″ flat wall
  • one 48″ x 48″ half wall (a handy counter surface, but also required for counter balance)
  • 15 joiners
  • one full size end cap, and one partial end cap to meet the counter height
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How much does it cost?

10' x 10' Fortay in Basic White

Basic white paint/primer combination finish and reusable crate.

$2,926 + shipping


Select the color of your choice from Sherwin Williams, Behr, or Dutchboy paints.

$3,140 + Shipping