Custom Pedestals

Get a great deal on custom pedestals for exhibits!

Pedestals don’t have to cost a fortune. If you need custom pedestals for your exhibit, gallery or trade show contact Pareti! We offer a fast turn-time, competitive pricing, excellent craftsmanship, and custom sizes for your pedestals.

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Whether ordering a standard or custom sizes, our custom pedestals cost less than most pedestal suppliers. Don’t get forced into choosing stock sizes when you can order the pedestal dimensions you need. Contact us with the height, width, and depth you need for your project.

Handmade by fine carpenters in Eastern Iowa, we offer excellent construction and fast turn-around. Email us or call us today for fast quote: 319-558-8741.

Our pedestals feature

  • Lower cost – Our pedestals cost much less than many retailers or online stores.
  • Long lasting Formica® laminate covering – standard white, or choose a different laminate pattern.
  • Custom sizes – Make your pedestals short, tall, narrow or broad.
  • Four adjustable feet for leveling.
  • A closed bottom end.

For an additional fee, we can also place your logo on the face of your pedestals. Other graphics can include credits for artists or information about the work being displayed.

Interested in graphics?

Our graphics are printed to offer brilliant, full color and long lasting – but removable – vinyl. Graphics simply peel away when done, so you can reuse your pedestal plain, or place new graphics on it for each new exhibit or trade show.

Pareti offers full graphic design as well as large format and traditional printing, so if you need help creating designs, signage, or print materials to help you market your exhibit, we’re just a phone call away.

Custom pedestal sizes

Display your sculptures or artifacts on custom pedestals designed to work with your specific exhibit. If your pedestal is between 12″ and 48″ tall and 30″ square, we don’t charge more for custom sizes, widths, or heights. (Contact us at for a quote for taller or wider pedestals.)

Our custom pedestals are designed and built to meet your height, depth and width specifications. We offer a fast turn-time, competitive pricing, and custom sizes for your pedestals, no matter how short or tall.

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There’s no need to choose from stock sizes if you want custom dimensions! Contact us with the dimensions you need for your project, and our talented finish carpenters will build exactly what you need with precision.

Our products are handmade by fine carpenters in Eastern Iowa. We offer only the finest in excellent construction, as well as fast turn-around. Email us or call us today for a quote: 319-558-8741.

Our custom pedestals offer:

  • Competitive pricing – our prices are often less than retailers or online suppliers
  • Long lasting Formica® laminate covering – our standard white, or choose from other available patterns
  • Custom sizes – Make your pedestals short, tall, narrow or broad
  • Four adjustable feet for leveling

If other than our standard white laminate is chosen, custom pedestal color choices may affect cost, based upon color, pattern and availability.

Based on the quantity you order, we crate and ship, or deliver pedestals to you. Contact us about shipping requirements. All items are carefully wrapped for shipping.



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