Moveable Walls

Move walls as you would with furniture for changing your interior, building portable offices, and creating amazing exhibits.


Happy holidays and Happy New Year from the folks at Pareti. Here’s our holiday schedule.

Hanging hacks that won’t ruin your walls

Hanging Hacks that won't ruin your walls Hanging hacks for your walls   While nailholes in Pareti’s walls can be mudded or filled with putty, here are some tips to help you prevent creating more work after every exhibit. was kind enough to share...

Gallery Pedestals

Gallery Pedestals Custom Pedestals for your museum gallery, trade show, or retail store Gallery pedestals in custom sizes and colors Pareti offers amazing deals on custom pedestals. Order our pedestals in nearly any color and size. Our pedestals are made to last, you...

Modular Walls

Our modular walls make it ease to create an office, conference room or exhibit. They are simple to use and ready to set up right out of the box!

Introducing covid sneeze guards for kids and schools

COVID sneeze guards for kids and schools Covid Sneeze guards for kids and schools Back to school is going to be a scary time for kids and parents, which is why we’re introducing Covid sneeze guards for kids and schools. We’ve designed playful looking...