Download our Rolling Walls Brochure

Download our Mobile Walls on Casters brochure! Click here or on the image at left. We’re happy to quote crating and shipping too! Call us at 866-339-1009 or email us at...

What can our walls hold?

Our customers hang all kinds of things on our walls – from pictures to shelving. Check out some examples here!

What you need to know about mobile walls

Mobile walls are a great solution for trade shows, galleries, and museums. They simulate real walls in many ways, but there are some differences you’ll want to know about if you’re planning on buying. Let’s dive in!

Hard wall trade show displays

Hard wall trade show displays Look great while displaying heavy products with hard wall trade show walls If you’re marketing heavy things like power tools, appliances, industrial tools – or anything weighing over 20 lbs, Pareti can help you look amazing at...