Heavy Duty Trade Show Displays

Our heavy duty trade show walls do things that other trade show displays can’t do.

Our heavy duty trade show displays do things that lightweight pop-up displays can’t. With Pareti’s rugged trade show displays you can:

  • Hang actual  merchandise, back-lit signs, or flat screens.
  • Spend less than you would with traditional custom displays, as well as most name brand portable displays.
  • Rearrange the floor plan on the fly for smaller or larger shows as needed.
  • Change things up! Use vinyl graphics or paint if you like (using ordinary house paint)
  • Enjoy very easy maintenance and a long lasting display

Do you need help with graphics? We can help with that too. Our award-winning trade show display designers can help you create the ultimate heavy duty trade show display that will create impact!

Learn more below, email us for a quote at sales@paretimobilewalls.com, or call 319-558-8741 for more information.

how to hang up products on trade show walls





heavy duty trade show displays

Paint or use a full-size vinyl graphic for massive impact! You can also hang heavier pictures or flat screen monitors.

Simple, easy, and affordable heavy duty displays for trade shows.

Our heavy duty trade show display walls are crazy-simple to use and maintain. There are no metal parts, no tiny gizmos to get lost in shipping, or hours-long training sessions to learn how to set them up. You simply slide the walls together, using our uniquely designed wood joiners to connect each section. (See them being set up in this fun video by clicking here, or watch our 3-minute training video by clicking here.)

No time for training? Not mechanically inclined? Perfect!

We make walls for people like you! Our heavy duty trade show displays are designed for the technically-challenged. If you’ve ever played with Lego® blocks, Lincoln Logs® or built houses with a deck of cards at some point in your life, you should have no problem assembling our walls. For most 10 foot booths, set-up requires two strong people, and about 5 to 15 minutes.

You do need a tool: a 9/16 wrench. But that can fit in your pocket!

Good news! Our walls generally cost less than most brand name pop-up displays.

A typical 10-foot display starts at under $2,000 (crating and shipping can add more depending on your area, so be sure to get a quote from us). You can order the walls bare and paint them yourself, or we can do the finish work – including graphics – and have the display shipped right to your show.

Want a 20 foot display? Or a room? No problem! Simply add more sections for larger shows, and use fewer walls for smaller booth areas.

Best of all, you get the glitz and glam of a fabulous-looking display, while having the rugged strength of a heavy duty trade show display to hang products if you like.

Create your own trade show office with our heavy duty trade show displays

We also manufacture wall sections with locking doors for a custom display look, with no construction required. Since our slide together, set-up is very fast – which helps you avoid high labor costs at the show. Because our walls give the illusion of real walls when set up, your show office can have the same decor as your company, or whatever ideas you have in store.

Nail pictures, hang a flat screen monitor, and other stuff – like your products!

Why not swap big photos of your products with actual products? Our walls make it possible for companies to hang products, pictures, or signs directly on their display with ordinary things like nails and hanger hooks you’d use at home.

Paint, cover with vinyl graphics, or hang a photo. Pareti Mobile Walls offer extreme flexibility when it comes to trade shows.

Here are some examples of what you can do with our heavy duty trade show portable walls:

Painting the display and use vinyl graphics. (Pareti also made the counter in the foreground.)

Heavy duty trade show displays

Hang up things like Nike tennis shoes sculpted from Lego® building blocks (or your products).

Heavy duty trade show displays

Heavy duty trade show displays

Heavy duty trade show displays

Mount shelving and other products to the display.

Heavy duty trade show displays

Heavy duty trade show displays

Bold graphics and featured products make a super impact with our walls.

Heavy duty trade show displays

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