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Got heavy products? We can help.

Pareti offers strong, simple-to-assemble trade show walls to hold your heavy products. Scroll below to learn how they work, what we recommend, and how much a basic set costs.
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Displays for Heavier Products 

If you sell heavy products, we have a trade show display configuration that’s strong enough to hold them. 

Maybe you sell heavy products like marble flooring, appliances, stereo equipment, or other items too heavy for pop-up displays. Pareti’s trade show walls offer a strong, elegant, portable, reconfigurable solution.

Common Uses for Trade Show Display Walls

Our custom trade show booth kits come in a range of sizes and shapes. That makes it easy to create displays that work in any industry or for a variety of trade show booth sizes. The walls can be interconnected, and they’re adaptable to fit any space. The same sections that allow you to create a standard 10 foot trade show booth can be combined with other sections to create displays for longer booth areas, such as inline, island, 20 foot booths or larger. With our portable trade show booth walls you can go from from an “L-shaped” display to a standard flat-looking display – and let your products steal the show!

Our portable show walls are also used to create eye-catching and branded displays. In addition to being able to paint these walls in any color, you can also vinyl graphics, wallpaper, beadboard, molding, chair rails, graphics and lettering.

Our products are designed to be strong. You can easily hang heavier items, yet still design the display to fit your specific branding and booth requirements. This means you can design with impact without worrying about how to display heavier items. With our portable trade show walls you can stand out at your next trade show with a booth that’s designed to meet your needs and match your style.

Best of all, we can ship our walls throughout the continental United States as well as Canada and Mexico, FOB Origin or FOB Origin Freight Prepaid, or by sea FOB Origin Freight PrePaid / Charged Back.

Mirage Appliances

Mirage needed a robust trade show display to display their ductless heating and air conditioning products.

With our heavy duty walls Mirage was able to create a home-like environment to help show visitors better understand their products’ applications.


  • Our walls can hold about 150 lbs. per 10 foot span (and with proper supports for longer spans).
  • They are paintable, or you can use vinyl graphics, or wallpaper
  • They’re reconfigurable and interconnectable
  • With just a few extra sections you can create a 10 x 10 or a 10 x 20 booth


Mercantile 12

Maybe you don’t need heavy things, but you need to hang many things – everywhere. You’ll find our heavy duty trade show walls also do a great job of simulating real walls at trade shows.

Mercantile 12 needed a way to hang products wherever they wanted. This helped them create a warm, store front feel at trade shows.


  • Hang products where needed
  • Use normal, picture hanging hardware, such as nails, hooks, and more
  • Change the design easily
  • Repaint walls any color using normal house paint
  • Use sections to create a variety of configurations



Ontraport got greater height for less,  and hung flat screens and custom lighting with confidence.

When it comes to height and hanging items, Pareti’s displays often cost much less than other hard wall custom booths.


  • Check us out for 10 ft and 8ft combinations
  • Hang flat screens, lighting and more
  • Ask us about custom counters or pedestals


Pareti offers a display and a platform in one for highlighting products, mannequins, or creating a plan-o-gram feel for retail buyers.

Lift Safety

Lift Safety needed free standing platforms which doubled as trade show walls. Pareti accommodated and developed the free standing “L” for heavyweight products.

Create a trade show office

Our heavy duty trade show walls can also be configured into an enclosed office with a locking door. Our slide together set-up is much faster than custom construction – which helps you avoid high labor costs at the show. Because our walls give the illusion of real walls when set up, your show office can have include your company’s branding just like your display.

Show actual products

Why not swap big photos of your products with actual products? Our walls make it possible for companies to hang products, pictures, or signs directly on their display with ordinary things like nails and hanger hooks you’d use at home. Paint, cover with vinyl graphics, or hang a photo. Pareti Mobile Walls offer extreme flexibility when it comes to trade shows.

Not mechanically inclined? Perfect! We make walls for people like you! Our heavy duty trade show displays are designed for the technically-challenged. If you need ideas, check out our Inspiration e-book download!

Use them like walls.

Our heavy duty trade show walls do things that other trade show displays can’t do, like:

  • Hang heavy  merchandise, back-lit signs, or flat screens
  • Rearrange the floor plan for larger shows when needed
  • Use vinyl graphics or paint if you like (using ordinary house paint)
  • DIY, common-sense maintenance using items at a local hardware store
  • Made with organic materials

No little parts

Our heavy duty trade show display walls are crazy-simple to use and maintain. There are no metal parts, no tiny gizmos to get lost in shipping, or hours-long training sessions to learn how to set them up. You simply slide the walls together, using our uniquely designed wood joiners to connect each section, then fasten joiners at the top with wood screws or, just place a 2″ x 4″ in the top instead. Set up requires an 8 foot ladder (to adhere top joiners), a drill, 9/16” wrench for the adjustable feet, and a level.

Benefits of Our Portable Trade Show Booths

If you’re on a tight deadline, we can help. Thanks to the modular nature of our portable trade show walls, we can often can turn around orders faster than other trade show display companies. Our facility is centrally located in Iowa, USA which makes shipping centrally located for most states. If you require a guaranteed delivery shipment to a show we can help arrange shipping for you. (Please note that according to updated NFMC shipping classes, crating is required for proper insurance coverage. We highly recommend that you include crating for your trade show display. All crates are custom made here at our Iowa facilty.)

Our trade show walls are designed to be set up in about 40 minutes or less. Our 10 foot booth sets up about as fast as a standard curved pop-up display. We include packing diagrams for organized re-packing so you can get everything loaded into your crate as fast as possible after the show. Tear down is also simple – even those who don’t have a construction or carpentry background can set them up.

Best of all, you’ll be able to do all this without the usual construction noise and mess. You won’t even need to worry about the risk of damaging the existing area and building. And even though our displays are designed to be reusable, when it does come time to dispose of them, you can do so with the confidence that you’re not harming the environment. These structures are made of biodegradable components, allowing you to safely dispose of them as needed.

Stand out at Your Next Event With a Custom Trade Show Display

At Pareti Mobile Walls, LLC, we’re proud to say that our trade show booth walls are all made right here in the United States by skilled finish carpenters. We build and ship each order with the utmost care because we take great pride in our work. You’ll be able to see the quality craftsmanship the moment you unpack your display.

Don’t waste your time and money on low-quality retractable displays you’ll only throw away after a few uses. Even though our displays are affordable, they’re designed to be torn down and reused countless times, making them a solid and long-lasting investment.

If you’re ready to create an unforgettable trade show, contact us today to receive a quote and get started. We look forward to working with you on your next event!

How much do they cost?

As you’ve might have already discovered, trade show displays run the gamut in terms of cost. Our basic “Fortay” set costs around $2,200, (though due to Covid and the availability of materials, those prices may be subject to change).

The Fortay starter kit is a 10 foot display, complete with an anchor wall, which is necessary for stability and virtual immovability.

You can add on to the wall sections in this kit to create larger displays, and condense back down when you’re showing in a smaller booth space.

Which is best for you?

While anyone can use this display, we recommend it for companies which need to display many products, or heavier products. 

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