Watch the video – Pareti Mobile Walls

Watch the installation video! Learn how Pareti Mobile Walls are the simplest
and most cost-effective solution for moveable, portable walls for your museum, exhibit or temporary office.

Pareti Mobile Walls set up very easily. They are intuitive to use, simple – with very few parts, and can  be assembled very quickly by only two people. Even people with no construction experience can easily assemble our walls.

Curators have told us our portable walls seem like adult-size building blocks. With our mobile walls the vision of your exhibit is finally in your hands. You can create new floor plans, paint the walls, pull them apart and create something new.



Pareti Mobile Walls can be easily changed to accommodate for ADA guidelines and wheelchair access or simple mathematical calculations in your floor plan. Simply pull out a section, rearrange and you’re done. No tear-out, no building, no mess.

Take a look at the Pareti Mobile Walls installation video which shows all of the parts to our walls, how they are assembled, and how to level them.