Curved portable walls

Our new curved portable walls help you create a super cool floor plan in minutes!

Now you can create curved portable walls in minutes using our gorgeous portable curved wall sections!

curved portable walls

Introducing our new curved portable walls!

Our new curved portable walls look amazing and add immediate visual interest to interior structures. Curved walls generally require several hours and a lot of skill to build using traditional construction methods. Our portable walls take only a few minutes and look fabulous. Best of all, you don’t need to have carpentry skills or building experience to put them together.

Wondering how to make your own curved walls?

With our products it’s super easy! Use them to connect to each other, or join them with existing standard 8 foot Pareti Mobile Wall sections to be super creative with your space.

Pareti Mobile Walls are fun to build with anyway, and our new curved wall section adds even more flexibility for design. They can be used as a temporary wall, or as a semi-permanent wall since you can leave them up as long as you like.

There are so many things you can do with curved walls – create a formal entry for your company, or use them for a receptionist’s area. The curved walls create a great entrance area for exhibits too! The slightly sloping area is perfect for vinyl graphics or flat signage and posters, or smaller framed pictures. Like our regular flat walls, the curved walls can be nailed into and patched after each show with spackling. (By the way, repairing nail holes is easier than drywall – and usually requires no sanding. Just dab spackling and wipe off excess with a fingertip).

Building with our curved portable walls is super easy and intuitive, just like our regular flat walls.

With our curved portable walls you can:

  • Connect sections to create a circle or semi-circle, or simply add curved sections where you like
  • Create rounded corners instead of using right angles with square portable rooms
  • create wave patterns for super awesome display walls
  • or add gradual slopes to flat walls
DIY curved walls curved portable walls

The Art Museum of Dubuque installing our curved portable walls.

As with all of our walls, our curved portable walls are paintable, (and re-paintable), accept vinyl graphics, vinyl wrap, painted murals, and more, just like you would with ordinary drywall.

Our unique portable curved walls are designed to fit with our other portable walls universally. That means you can connect our flat walls, “T” or “L” profile walls to create truly unique floor plans. And with all of our walls, if you change your mind we can

We have to say, we find building with curves to be pretty amazing! While it’s not unusual to see curved trade show displays, it’s pretty impressive to see curved walls as a structure. Especially if you’re the one building!

What’s really special about our system is that it’s not necessary to be a seasoned construction worker to put them together. If you can use a level, a power drill (to screw in screws at the top), and a small wrench, you’re good to go

Each curved wall weighs about 100 lbs each. When connected together they form a 10 foot circle. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list so you’ll be alerted when we add more radiuses to create different arcs for larger circles as well.

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how to make your own curved wall curved portable walls

Here’s a photo of the walls with no paint or primer. The curved section really adds a lot of visible mass to this plain 16 foot wall.