Portable Walls


 Curved portable walls instantly creates  breathtaking and interesting spaces quickly.


Create circles, semi-circles, or connect curved wall sections to flat sections.

Designing internal spaces with curves is an amazingly fun thing to do!

Create intruiging spaces to discover with unexpected curves. Walls with curves feel like veritical hills. Our curved walls add formaility, fun, and the unexpected to interior spaces.

Have fun creating custom curved walls right out of the box!

Just like all of Pareti’s mobile walls, our curved panels go up quickly and can be reconfigured as you need.

Connect our curved walls with our standard flat walls as well as other curved wall sections. Our curved walls allow you to create curved or waved floor plans simply by reversing the wall section.


Our custom curved walls start at a 12 foot diameter, but tighter diameters can be manufactured. Tighter curves may have a wood grain finish, but standard curved sections have the same flat finish as our regular flat walls.

Build section by section, and use one of our end caps for providing a finished look to wall section ends.

Planning a floor plan with curved walls?

Unless you’re building a nearly complete circule, curved walls will generally need additional support, as many semi-circle walls will not offer the same stability as our flat walls. You may attach a curved section to an existing wall stud, or create curved sections and right angles in combination with flat wall designs. Contact us at for some floor plan design tips using our curved wall sections.

Some specifics:

You may order curved walls bare (shown at right) or pre-finished with a paint/primer combination, or with an additional painted finish. Select the color of your choice using any big box paint color brand (we suggest Behr paints).

The configuration at right is a standard “I” shaped wall with a curved panel attached to a “T” section. Curved walls add visual interest and are great for exhibit entryways, open offices and receptionist areas, and more.

A word about finishing…

Curved walls will show a larger gap at the seams than our standard flat walls. This is because all curved walls are hand made at a custom radius. Some customers prefer to tape and mud the seams, while others are fine with a larger gap.

Whether you tape and mud the seams or not, you’ll find our curved walls are the fastest solution to creating a curved floor plan. There’s nothing like it in the market! And – like all of our products, you can rearrange and reconfigure your walls.


Playing around with curves

We even have fun with our curved walls in the shop! Whether fully painted or not, visitors to our facility are always amazed by the graceful feel of curved structures.

Let us help you build something cool.

Contact us today so we can talk a bit about your project! We can supply you with a floor plan concept and a quote to help you get started.