How much can a wall hold?

Our customers hang a variety of items on Pareti’s portable walls – such as

  • Artwork
  • Decorative shelving
  • Cases and artifacts for museums
  • Metal retail shelving for trade shows
  • Large flat screen televisions
  • Adult-sized Lite Brite toys
  • Marble flooring swatches
  • Cabinet doors, drawer fronts & accessories
  • Stereo and speaker equipment

Generally speaking, with adequate counter balance and a stable floor plan, you can hang the many of the same items you’d normally hang on a wall.

Using studs and additional backing

Most items can be hung by nailing directly into the 1/4″ MDF cladding, however heavier items weighing over 30 lbs should make use of our internal 3/4″ plywood studs. For customers who need to hang heavier items in a range of heights we add custom backing on the inside of the wall. This option creates more hanging area for screwing in heavier items or hanging equipment, like French cleats.

Counterbalance is everything

While you can nail just about anything to our walls, counterbalance determines everything when it comes to weight. You must, above all, have a stable floor plan configuration. Call us for a free consultation. Based on years of installation experience in a wide variety of venues, we can offer expertise when it comes to stable floor plans using our walls.


hang art, hang artifacts

Our walls are completely nailable. You can hang items anywhere. While heavier items may require placement over our internal studs, you have a lot of freedom to place artwork.

Unless you’re going super tall (over 10 feet in height) our walls don’t require additional supports. With a solid plan, feel free to hang items as you would on a regular wall.

Our walls are also repairable. Fill in the holes, and start again with a new look and plan for your next exhibit or show.

Want to learn more?

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We’ll be happy to email you a catalog so you can view starter kits and pricing to help you plan.

What will you hang on your portable walls?

We’re excited to see what you will do! Here are some photos from customers who used our walls for hanging casework in a museum, stereo turntables and speakers at a trade show, a huge flat screen tv in an office, and shelving for awards at a convention.

Here’s our internal test to see how much a 10 foot span of walls using our 10 foot trade show configuration would hold.