sneeze guards

Look good, stay distant, and spend less.


Why not look great? Our super cool covid sneeze guards and screens make social distancing look good affordably. 

Our COVID sneeze guards and barricades are an effective, affordable way to encourage social distancing with style. They feature a clear vinyl backing and decoratively cut painted wood.

Our goal is to give restaurants, offices, salons, churches, schools and other organizations the tools they need to stay as safe as possible.

Choose from 12 different panel designs and 4 different sizes.

 States have different guidelines for social distancing. Here’s a look at Iowa’s.


We want to help keep prices low for you!


No one was expecting the changes business owners would have to make with COVID. That’s why we want to make these items as affordable as possible.


Please note that to keep prices low, our COVID screens are ROUGH CUT. This means the panel surface is smooth, but outer edges – while painted – have not been sanded to be super smooth. This keeps labor costs low so we can pass those savings onto you. All painted areas are painted with black rustoleum paint for a rugged finish.


Lightweight and easy to set up

Our COVID sneeze guards and COVID barricades set up just like decorative room dividers. They are easily separated so you can combine other sections, or add or remove sections.

  • Vinyl adhered to the back side of the COVID screen prevents air flow from passing through. Walls can go up to 7 feet tall (taller with custom orders), and a maximum 40″ width.
  • Black zip ties are used in place of hardware and hinges to keep pricing as low as possible.
  • 4 mil clear marine quality vinyl is used, depending upon availability. Some substitutions may be necessary.
  • Vinyl is glued and nailed into place between the outer frame and decorative wood panel.
  • Each 36″ x 84″ panel weighs about 12 lbs.

For more information, request our PDF catalog below, or check out our COVID barricade wall page for more information.

Mix and match patterns, add as many as you like. These are free standing, very lightweight panels which must be set up in a “U” or zigzag pattern, similar to a room divider screen. The difference is they have a clear vinyl backing. We’ll also currently working on kid-themed designs for schools as well, so if you’d like to be updated about that be sure to join our mailing list.

Choose from 12 different patterns to create some much needed style in this weird, COVID world we’re living in. 

Form + Function is what we do best!

This COVID situation is a downer! That’s why we feel it’s important to offer a solution that looks good and provides an important function.

Our COVID sneeze guards and barricades do more than simple plexi-glass sneezeguards do – they look great! While generic acrylic sneeze guards serve a function, our sneeze guards have a prettier look for the longterm. Also, our sneeze guards can be as tall as 7 feet, which isn’t affordable with acrylic materials. If we have to deal with COVID for the foreseaable future, Pareti wants to help companies look nice while encouraging social distancing.

What are they made of?

It’s our goal to create an affordable product that helps your business. Our COVID sneeze guards and barricades are cut from 1/4″ MDF. They’re painted with a black Rustolem paint or black interior paint, depending on your application. Then, clear vinyl is applied to the back, and sandwiched between an outer frame.

Please note that similar to decorative room dividers normally used indoors, our COVID screens will likely not last longterm in rainy and snowy weather. This is why we suggest you order with a Rustolem coating, to help them weather longer than uncoated MDF if used outdoors. 

Four foot heights for counters

Encourage social distancing with our counter height sneeze guards. They can be used on top of a counter or desk.

Full Height Covid Barricades

Create socially distant areas in offices, waiting rooms, and other areas which need a full 7 foot tall divider.

How do I order?

Contact us at or
call 866-339-1009 (option 1 for sales)
and we’ll get your order going asap!