How the Pentagon uses Pareti Mobile Walls

The Pentagon uses Pareti Mobile Walls for an interviewing area at the Air Force Television Studio. There, the walls have become a semi-permanent fixture in the studio.

“We love the walls,” said Greg, “and we plan to order again.” Greg is Chief of Air Force Television. Air Force Television, or AFTV, features programming for Air Force military personnell.

“The walls were easy to set up.. We covered them with a shiplap veneer adhesive covering to create a set for interviews.”

Pareti’s walls can be moved, reconfigured, covered with wallpaper, laminates, or veneers, and changed into different configurations. They offer a truly versatile solution for customers who need the appearance of walls, but with greater flexibilty and mobility.

You can watch AFTV’s testimonial here.

Pareti’s mobile walls can be used in the same configuration indefinitely, or they may be rearranged. The walls can also be reconfigured, repainted, or have graphics placed on them. Our universal method of connecting our walls makes it easy to add on to your collection. Begin with a starter kit, and add sections as you need.

Our walls are Made in the USA!

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