Modular Walls

Create walls you can move with our modular system.

Why modular walls?


People who choose modular walls want the option of moving their walls when they want – or leaving them in place as needed. Our customers include pop-up stores, museum exhibits, even residences.

Sometimes being portable is critical.

We often hear from companies which are expanding or contracting due to these weird Covid times. Flexibility is key now more than ever! Modular walls provide a way to create work areas and change them as often as needed. In most cases, the same walls used to create a work area can be repurposed to create a meeting space. This type of modular flexibility is more important than ever.

Use them as partitions

We can build to the height you need at no additional charge, so if you’re looking for a way to create flexible partitioned workspaces, we can help.

When your lease won’t let you build.

In other cases, businesses which lease space aren’t allowed to change their space with regular construction. In situations like this, even adding a freestanding wall to create a break area isn’t negotiable. This is where Pareti’s modular walls solve big space problems for our customers. Our modular system allows business owners to define and create the spaces they need, as they need them. And, because the system is modular, sections may be added on if more sections are required later.

Pareti’s moving walls make interior spaces much more easy to manage because they are so intuitive to use. Our modular walls are stable in place, yet are movable when you need them to be. You can hang pictures, flat screens, and even include locking doors if you like.

One of our staff members places finishing touches on the walls before priming.

Modernize your space with modular walls

Our walls are designed to be painted. If you’re in a generic-looking space and need some serious updating, you can paint your walls as needed. Or, you can specify paint colors so your modular walls are ready to use right away.

Setup is simple.

Pareti’s modular wall system is probably the simplest in the world to set up.

  • Start with a corner and make sure it’s level (plumb)
  • Place our patent pending joiners in each of the slots on the side
  • Connect the next section, levelling the feet as you go to close up the seams

Other than wood screws, there are no small parts. It’s super simple and designed for people who can operate a drill and a level. You don’t need to be a building expert or know about carpentry.

Modular walls allow you to turn an open space into what you want it to be

Easily create a waiting area. Define workspaces. Create conference rooms. Define break areas. Modular walls can do all of that – and if you want to alter your design, you can!

How about a modular door or window section?

You can do that! Pareti offers modular sections so you can have locking doors or window openings to keep things light and open if you prefer.

Our modular system offers endless possibilites to help you create a stunning office area. And, unlike permanent construction with traditional building methods, our portable walls allow you to keep your construction investment if you decide to move.

How do I get a quote?

Contact us at or
call 866-339-1009 (option 1 for sales)
and we’ll get your order going asap!