Place walls almost anywhere

Enjoy the freedom and creativity of rearranging your interior walls. Museums, galleries, offices, furniture stores, and other businesses can create temporary structures that look and feel similar to real walls. Pareti Mobile Walls gives you the freedom to change your interior floor plan whenever you want to. 

They’re paintable.

Paint Pareti Mobile Walls as you would with your regular, permanant walls. You can also hang pictures and other items on your walls. When you want a change, patch them with putty or joint compound, sand, and repaint.

They’re simple to use.

Our portable wall system is made to be easy to understand by ordinary people. You don’t need to be a finish carpenter or experienced wood worker to install them. If you can operate a drill, use a level, and a wrench, you can set up our walls.

 Want some privacy? No problem.

Design a room with a door. We offer special door sections which come with a pre-hung, hollow interior door, and handle hardware. This means you can place an office anywhere – whether you’re carving out space for a conference room, or you need an office in a warehouse.

Order custom walls.

We also manufacture walls which connect to your existing wall studs, walls with window (pane-less) openings, custom walls which can be in “Y” or angled shapes, so you can create truly custom looking rooms.


Place graphics on the walls, and hang art

Our walls are completely nailable. You can hang items anywhere. While heavier items may require placement over our internal studs, you have a lot of freedom to place artwork.

Our walls save floor space because they don’t require additional framework to stand. We can offer suggestions for you to create stable floor plans, which will allow you to hang items on all sides of our walls.

Our walls connect universally to each other, which means you can add to your starter set each year. Sections connect to each other, so you can change your floor plan as needed, without the unnecessary hassle of small parts or intricate instructions.

Want to learn more?

Call us at 866.339.1009 or email us at

We’ll be happy to email you a catalog so you can view starter kits and pricing to help you plan.

Create a wall in a retail area

Add a wall that’s removable without damaging your rented space, and take your investment with you if you decide to move.

Create conference areas

Build conference areas fast and easily.