Made in the USA – An American Story

Pareti Mobile Walls, LLC started as just a common sense idea. It has since grown to meet the needs of customers all over the continental  United States. We wanted to share a bit of our history for Independence Day, because our growth is largely due to being in a country which encourages the entrepreneurial spirit, and because our products are made right here in the USA heartland.

Pareti Mobile Walls was featured in KCRG’s “Made in Eastern Iowa” by Chris Earl, and aired July 3, 2017. The interview showed a bit about our production process, discussed our beginnings, and how we came up with our portable wall products. You can view the video by clicking here.

Only in the United States

There are some opportunities you will only find in the United States. One of those oft taken for granted freedoms is to be able to develop an idea, create a company and sell your product. We take it for granted, but in other countries it is nearly impossible to invent something then start selling it to individual businesses. The bold concept of cold calling or selling door to door is laughable in many other countries. To envision something big, yet start out very small is truly an American phenomenon.

Our first facility: a man cave.

Yep – we started in a garage

Like many businesses, we literally began in a garage. In this case, it was the garage/party room of our great friends and lead carpenters. (It’s slightly tragic that it cramped everyone’s partying for a bit, but it turned out to be a worthy sacrifice.) The pool table became a work space for end caps. The table became a work bench. The beer fridge remained stocked – priorities! In that cramped space, parts were cut and walls were built. We shipped in the middle of winter – not realizing we needed a fork lift!

Looking back, it seems so insane and unworkable, but we pushed through. Eventually we grew up a bit, and business continued to triple, forcing us to move to bigger spaces, and finally – three years later – a building with our name on it. It won’t be long before we begin to export. Very exciting indeed!

Customers are delighted!

The best news is that we hear a lot of good things about our walls. That is an amazing feeling! We each take immense pride in what we create. I think this is because when you create things with your hands, the focus on quality becomes a personal mission. Each wall, each customer, is personal to each of us.

This is where the Iowa work ethic comes in. Most of us grew up on, or worked on farms. Growing up on farms teaches you more than simply how to work hard. When you grow up in a rural community you become very used to personal accountability for its own sake. This is why we build as if we’re building for a relative, or someone we personally know. When you’ve grown up with that kind of thinking, it’s a natural way to do things.

US made raw materials

pareti mobile walls in the newsIt’s a big deal to us that we use USA made products whenever we can source them. Pareti strives to use only USA made raw materials to create a truly high quality, affordable, USA-made product. It’s also important to note that our products are biodegradable, and not made of environmentally harmful stuff like styrofoam or plastics. We also source from smaller businesses, because we want to invest in our local community as much as possible.


Pareti Mobile Walls offers free standing portable walls, custom profile walls, and patent pending curved walls. We also offer portable walls which can connect to existing wall studs, so customers can build out with amazing speed, leaving only a few screw holes when the walls are removed.

Our products are hand-made according to customer specifications. Most orders use our standard sizes, but thanks to our ability to easily customize sizes, widths, and profiles, our portable walls allow people to get really creative with interior spaces. This is especially helpful in historical buildings, where existing architecture can’t be changed or altered. Our walls also work with older, refurbished buildings which have pillars. We can build around them, or incorporate them in our floor plans. As with all of our portable walls, the standard height sections universally connect to each other. So, just about any floor plan can be rearranged to completely different floor plans.

Each order is set up and quality tested before shipping out. Many orders include priming, custom painting, or graphics. Contact us at for more information.