Fast set up

Ready to use out of the box

Ready out of the box

Pareti offers incrediby fast set-up and usable walls right out of the box.

Take them out, set them up and you’re done. No need for additional skins, drywall, textures, or surprises.

They’re nailable.

Hang pictures, shelving and more, like real walls. When you want a change, patch them with putty or joint compound, sand, and repaint.

They’re simple to use.

Our portable wall system is made to be easy to understand by ordinary people. You don’t need to be a finish carpenter or experienced wood worker to install them. If you can operate a drill, use a level, and a wrench, you can set up our walls.

 Offices are easy.

Many of our customers need to create a  portable office or meeting space. With Pareti, this investment travels with you. Create meeting spaces and offices with locking doors anywhere – without contruction. 

Our pre-hung, hollow interior doors come with either keyed or standard interior door handles. Place an office anywhere – whether you need a small office in your retail space, gallery, museum, or warehouse.

Curved walls for a receptionist area

We also manufacture curved walls. These connect to each other, or with our standard flat and profiled walls, allowing you limitelss creativity in your space.


Hang heavy stuff

Our walls are completely nailable. You can hang items anywhere. Hang heavier items using our internal studs. Pareti’s walls are intuitive and natural to use.

We’re happy in the background.

Our walls aren’t the star of your show. That’s why we make them simple and hassle-free to use. We want your art, your shelving, your products to be the star. Why get bogged down with instructions, suprise fees, or lots of work to do before you can use walls? With Pareti we keep things simple.

Did you know every time you move or reconfigure your set you save money? That’s because tear-out and rebuilding is expensive. Keep your construction investment with Pareti. Take your walls when you move, or just move around when you need a change.

Want to learn more?

Call us at 866.339.1009 or email us at

We’ll be happy to email you a catalog so you can view starter kits and pricing to help you plan.

Use our portable walls outside

Create a solid floor plan, add a tent and some wine, and you have an a awesome fundraiser or art show event!

Create a story

Give your library a twist by turning a favorite story into an experience for kids – just as this library did with “Where the Wild Things Are”