5 common questions about our portable walls

1. Do the walls have casters?

YES! We have walls with casters!

Read more here. If you need a strong, sturdy, nail-able, free standing wall that’s easier to move, we have walls on wheels! (Call us at 319-208-6109 for more information.)

Pareti is introducing our new, rollable base (featuring casters) for 4’x8′ free standing walls and “L” sections. Like our standard walls, these can be joined together to create longer spans. They also make the walls very easy to move!

The rollable base simply attaches to our standard walls, giving you the option to use the walls with a minimal configuration, or go up to 24″ foot long. Easily go back to traditional walls when you want a more traditional wall look by removing the rollable base.

This exciting product allows you to use walls either way – with or without casters – in keeping with our committment to offer products which promote creative freedom, without construction know-how.

What’s different about Pareti’s walls on wheels?

  • You can hang pictures and light shelving
  • Easily customizable
  • Paintable with ordinary house paint
  • Durable
  • Works with Pareti’s standard wall system so you have the option of going with or without casters
  • Easy maintenance

Get in touch today! We’ll send you some cool info 🙂 866.339.1009 or email hi@paretimobilewalls.com.


2. Do the walls have seams?

Yes, but you can minimize them.

Portable walls have seams because they’re modular. This is generally something that happens with all portable walls due to their modular nature, but if you dislike seams they can be minimized or disguised.

Here’s what you need to know:

When our modular walls join, the seams are small but visible where every section meets another. If seams aren’t your thing, there are ways to disguise them, such as using paint colors other than white, applying a vinyl wrap, or placing gaffer’s tape over the seams.

A few of our customers actually tape and mud the seams as they would with permanent walls, then slice the sections apart when it’s time to move the walls. This is a technique that’s best used for applications where the walls will be in place for a longer time. (One of our customers taped & mudded, making the portable walls look  so real the local building inspector thought his portable walls were permanent! If you want to tape & mud, be sure your local building department is in the know, or take video and photos of your installation to prove the walls are modular.) Taping and mudding can be a lot of additional work, but for some exhibitions and office applications this provides a seamless, drywalled look.



Most of our customers reconfigure or move their portable walls frequently. Rather than staying with a matte white, many opt for deeper colors, or greys for the walls.  The combination of an interesting paint color to showcase artwork goes a long way to minimize the appearance of seams.

3. Can Pareti’s portable walls stand alone?

Yes! Once set up correctly, Pareti’s standard mobile walls are free standing (walls with casters are free standing as well). 

Our standard portable walls rely on counterbalance to stand. That means you’ll need a minium of 5 wall sections (for a cross shape) or more wall sections for other configurations. The goal is to have the most tip-resistant floor plan possible. When assembled, our standard walls offer incredible strength and stability for hanging heavier items. We can help you with designing a stable floor plan. Our years of experience installing walls on many different types of flooring has taught us a thing or two about best practices when it comes to floor planning. 

Want to get a jump  on floor plan ideas? Check out this article to learn more about stable floor plans and designing for safety, or request a catalog so you can see floor plan examples and pricing of stable floor plans.


4. How much can you hang on Pareti Mobile Walls?

Our walls hold a lot of weight – just about as well as real, anchored walls.

Whether you’re spreading weight out all over the walls, or you’ve concentrated a heavy item in just one place, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what our walls can hold. Our customers include ceramic tile manufacturers and air conditioning manufacturers, as well as world class musuems. Curators tell us they prefer to hang heavy items on our walls rather than museum walls because our walls won’t delaminate like drywall can.

We are constantly amazed at what customers are doing with their walls – from hanging art to heavy tools. Check out this video testimonial from the Czech & Slovak Museum & Library in Cedar Rapids Iowa.


Check out the video about and see how curator Stefanie Kohn of the Czech & Slovak Museum & Library in Cedar Rapids hangs heavy casework and artifacts on our walls.

5. Are you a huge company?

We’re a family-owned, 100% made in the USA with human hands and trees (or tree byproducts, anyway).

We’re proud to be a woman-owned manufacturing company in Iowa. Our grassroots concept began as a solution for construction projects, and has blossomed to provide products for furniture stores, the military, galleries, offices, homes,and trade shows around the continental USA and Canada.

We think we’ve landed on the perfect balance of form and function, as well as customization for our customers. Our walls are designed to be simple and easy to put together, and reconfigurable so they can be transformed into what you need. We make building fun and fast.

Our experience is deeply rooted in a mixture of exhibit design and carpentry. Our products are handmade by people who truly care about the quality and longevity of our products for our customers. Each order is special to us, each person here is invested in the success of our customers.

Covid has created new challenges in terms of supply chain issues, however our employees have been especially dedicated to delivering our same high quality at the lowest price possible. We do a lot of brainstorming and constant R&D to create value, lower costs, and provide our customers with the best products and ideas possible.

Give us a shout! We’re excited to get started on your next project.

The Pareti Team

Call 866.339.1009 or email us at  sales@paretimobilewalls.com


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